D800 memory card question?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mark_stephan|2, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. I'm still a newbie to my lightly used D800. I'd like to know if I can set the camera up to record NEF and movie files on the SD card and jpg's to the CF card. The problem I'm having is with the SD card is that it is recording NEF, jpg and movie files while the CF card records jpg only. I'd like to set the SD card to only record NEF and movies and the CF card to only records jpg's. Is this possible?
  2. Here's the instructions from page 89 of the manual. "
    When two memory cards are inserted in the camera, you can
    choose one as the primary card using the Primary slot selection
    item in the shooting menu. Select SD card slot to designate the
    card in the SD card slot as the primary card, CF card slot to choose
    the CompactFlash card. The roles played by the primary and
    secondary cards can be chosen using the Secondary slot
    function option in the shooting menu. Choose from Overflow
    (the secondary card is used only when the primary card is full),
    Backup (each picture is recorded to both the primary and
    secondary card), and RAW primary, JPEG secondary (as for
    Backup, except that the NEF/RAW copies of photos recorded at
    settings of NEF/RAW + JPEG are recorded only to the primary card
    and the JPEG copies only to the secondary card)."

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