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  1. Just ran across this blog post of a meeting at photokina with Michael Wollburg (Manager Customer Support Nikon GmbH) and a Nikon technician - guess there won't be anything official coming from Nikon: http://falklumo.blogspot.de/2012/09/photokina-2012-nikon-talks-about-d800s.html
    The root cause is a misalignment of the AF module when mounted, outside of Nikon's own production tolerances. ... It has been eliminated in the current production. ... The fixing procedure for Nikon is a tedious one. It includes writing individual calibration values into the firmware. For larger deviations, the AF module will first mechanically be re-aligned. This may actually include the AF auxiliary mirror in some cases.

  2. Unless it's a very weird shape, how can the right and centre one be OK and only the left one out? I assumed the AF module was a rigid, solid unit?
    I'm happy it's now fixed at the manufacture level. Product re-call or don't they know which ones are affected?
    Maybe an early rush out to fill orders they weren't expecting due to 'cheap' price in the US?
  3. I just received my camera back today after two weeks at Melville. The repair ticket is marked that they replaced the bayonet mount and adjusted the focus operation. I will have an opportunity to test it in a few hours. I am keeping my fingers crossed!
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    After my first run in Melville, I am now sending it back again........same problem as Elliot, so let's see if it gets the same treatment. Nikon was not very receptive to the idea of needing a interim replacement, so I made do for a few shoots....
  5. The fixing procedure for Nikon is a tedious one​
    Diddums? Sorry, but if Nikon screwed up the manufacture, complaining about fixing it isn't acceptable. Fortunately, my D800E seems to be okay (if somewhat more prone to showing focus errors than my D700), but I entirely sympathise with those who have to deal with this.
  6. I read they'd resolved it on July 2nd for new cameras, at the time of my order (early August) I wasn't sure if they had a fix for existing ones.
    When I ordered & received mine I ran the tests and found the left focus points were ever the slightest most accurate, followed by the center, then right but all were so close. I think new ones are okay, but more importantly wish you the best.
  7. My D800 is fixed!
  8. Glad to hear it, Elliot! Congratulations.
  9. Is there a way of telling what new camera's should have the modification/rectification, perhaps by the serial numbers on the base of the cameras? If Nikon number the bodies chronologically, as made, then there should be a point at which it is known which new cameras have had these updates/mods? Trevor M
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    Trevor, the best way is to test your camera. In late March, Nikkon USA sent us a D800 test sample as soon as it was available. I used that camera for 3+ months and didn't find any problem. By mid April, there was already a lot of discussion about left AF issue; that was when I ordered my D800E, which took my local store 2 months to deliver. When I finally received it in mid June, I tested that camera to no end. I am glad that both bodies I have used are prefect.
    However, I am sure that some defective D800 will continue to appear until Nikon stops making D800 altogehter, left AF issues or not. Your best option is to check whatever you get thoroughly. Serial number is not an effective way to determine whether a camera is ok or not. As far as I know, two people who have posted to this thread initially thought their D800 were ok, and later on thought they were not. So sometimes the problem is not necessarily obvious.
  11. Thom has some comments about that Blog posting by Falk Lumo over at his site today.
    He says that this not especially new D800 information, that is I suspect if you have been following the issue as closely as he.
  12. Being in the UK I am not sure what place to take a D800 to get this proper fix. My camera has this issue, however I am using the centre point only at the moment to get around it. Focus in the middle and right side is fine, on the left the lens focus turns and the camera places focus on a point in thin air.
  13. Ian - I believe Nikon UK (I take things in personally since I work near there) have successfully done this repair - even though the receptionist was a little confused when I mentioned it last time I was there. They're not blindingly fast with the turn-around, but they should do it for you.

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