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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by gej_jones, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. I'm about to purchase a D80 body. The price for the body has dropped to around $570.00 which I think is a good
    deal. Does in make more sense the upgrade to the D90 for an additional $430?
    The difference in price isn't going to break the bank but money is always important.
    I presently shoot with a D40x with an 18-200, 50mm 1.8, 105mm micro and a kit lens.
    I am an amateur. I enjoy retirement and being able to shoot almost as often as I would like. I use the 105 to shoot
    flowers but the 18-200 is on the camera most of the time.
    Thank you for any input!

  2. Perhaps you could elaborate on some of the reasons why you want to upgrade?

    Image quality wise, the D80 will not give you any advantages over your D40x but it will autofocus with your 50mm
    F1.8. The D90 will give you better higher ISO performance out of the camera over the D40x and D80.
  3. I'd have to say yes, it's worth the extra money. I had a D80 for a year and then upgraded to the D300. The D90 is a stripped down D300, with identical image quality, just slower AF and not as robust a build. I am always so impressed with the image quality out of my D300, it is that much better than the D80.
  4. gej,
    as a d80 guy who upgraded to the d300, i dont think it makes sense to go d40x>d80. they have the same sensor, only thing you get is a second command wheel and the ability to AF with the 50 and the 105. if you had more older nikkors that wont AF on d40x it might make more sense. IMO you'd be better off investing that money in a better lens/tripod/lighting.

    OTOH, a d40x>d90 upgrade gives you improvements in just about every area, including high ISO and a faster frame rate. that makes a lot more sense to me.

    question is, is the d90 $400 better than the d80? yes, since it has the same low-light abilities as the d300, plus the auto-correct CA, dedicated info button, etc.. however, you could take the $900 you were going to spend on a new body and get a 12-24, or a 10-20 plus a 30/1.4.

    if i were you, i'd a) think about why you want to upgrade, i.e., what is it you can't do now with your current camera; then b) really consider whether a new body will allow you to do that, or if you'd be better off with new glass.
  5. I have the D80/D300 combination and Like David Lee says, the D80 is good, the D300 is awesome. If the the D90 really produces
    as good a photo as the D300 then the upgrade is worth it. I'd make the upgrade myself if I hadn't got my brains beat in by the stock
    market the last few weeks.
  6. My vote is for D90. It has much better image quality (including color profile), ISO performance, and metering. In addition Live View, Video, and better LCD make it a very very worthwhile upgrade.

    Buy it from Amazon (assuming you are in US) which has a decent return policy. If you don't notice a significant improvement from your D40, return it.
  7. Thank you to everyone! Eric, thank you for spelling out the different ways to look at the purchase. Sanford, hang in there and I too feel your pain! I have canceled the order for the D80 and will order the D90 in the next week.
  8. I just recently upgraded from a D60 that I bought a few months ago and WOW am I impressed with the differences the D90
    offers! From the speed of the AF to the awesome 3" LCD. These two cameras are in two different classes. I was close to
    upgrading to a D300 until I read about the D90, but with the difference in price and the D90 coming with a kit lens, I opted to
    go with the D90. If you are on the fence on wether to upgrade from a D40/D40x/D60/D80, JUST DO IT! You will not be
    sorry! I have even heard of some people trading in their already owned D300's for the new D90. One thing I am waiting on
    is what's going to replace the D300 as the leader of the DX sensor cameras, if there even will be a replacement. If its a
    D90 on steroids or a higher MP D300 with D90 like features, I'll be in line for one! Just my thoughts. Thanks!

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