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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by evilsivan, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. My D80 is old (4 years) and has about 100k actuations. I have starting getting a battery error which according to internet
    search was somewhat common. All of the threads on the issue are quite old and inconclusive. The problem is that the
    camera will show a dead battery and not function even with a fully charged battery. I tried four separate fully charged
    batteries and they all showed up as dead on the camera. UPDATE: Now the camera will work with just one of the
    batteries for some reason. All of the threads on the topic suggest remounting the lens or perhaps using a lens without
    VR (it seems like people were grasping for a theory). But that seems like a silly solution. I need a camera that I know
    will turn on and work with all my lenses. Does anyone have any experience for this problem? Should I get new batteries
    or buy a new (used D80) or is it time for a D7000 (yes!)?
  2. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    NiMH batteries will gradually lose their capacity to hold charge. If your EN-EL3e batteries are over 4 years old, that can be the problem. However, it seems unlikely that all 4 would go south at the same time. We have seen one similar case that turns out the charger is faulty: http://www.photo.net/nikon-camera-forum/00UyDy
    Do you have access to another MH-18a charger to check that out?
  3. For what it's worth, the VR 'theory' is not just grasping for a theory. VR requires power to operate, and hence has electrical linkage - maybe the VR unit on a lens is shortcutting and causing the battery to near immediately discharge. Yeah, it's not the most likely, but testing it will cost you nothing, yet give you valuable information. If you'd get a D7000 and the lens indeed causes the issue, your problem would not really be solved. So, not rule it out yet as a cause until you know.
    Sure, Shun's far more logical suggestion first, but if that's not it, I would indeed check with different lenses.
  4. Hi Shun
    That is a good question. I will try to track down a
    spare charger and will update when I have more
    info. Couldn't you just write my wife a note saying I
    need a D7000? ;) incidentally two of the batteries I
    tried were from a random person's who claimed
    they were charged that same morning and they
    worked in his camera. At any rate I will try
    different charger.
  5. I've had 2 batteries for my D200 die within a 2 day period. No idea what happened. I assumed it was the charger but my 3rd battery still charged fine. When I could get my hands on a 2nd charger I assumed that would solve the problem, but both batteries were indeed dead.
  6. Wouter, you are right that theory cannot be
    discarded but I was seeing the problem with two
    non vr lenses and I didn't try mounting my 70-200
    vr1 lens yet. Peter's comment is interesting and I
    will try to track down another charger and try it.
    Batteries do fail after all.
  7. Not sure, but was there ever a firmware update for the D80 to address power issues? Seemed to fix a similar issue of the D300.
    What is it with Nikon 'Power Management' issues?
  8. Probably the battery contacts inside the battery housing have some corrosion. Higher resistance means less voltage and less voltage means your camera won't turn on, even if the battery is full.
  9. It is time for a D7000!
  10. Elliot, thanks for taking my hints :) but seriously I'm going to pick up a friend's d80 batteries and charger
    tonight and see what happens.
  11. ...For What It's Worth: if the D7000 seems pricey for your budget, you might consider finding a clean Nikon D90 body. A whole lot of upside over the D80 body.
  12. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    And yes...check the upgrades for the firmware.
  13. Have you tried a camera reset ? Page 129 in the manual.
  14. Hi guys I have not tried the firmware update or a camera reset. Will try that next. Using my friend's D80, Charger and battery has yielded nothing conclusive. My batteries showed full charge in his charger and on his camera and his camera started fine with both my batteries and his. My camera worked fine with his battery but was showing errors with my batteries.

    I will do the firmware update and camera reset now.
  15. ShunCheung

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    Ofer, just swap betteries with your friend. Save you a lot of money from buying a D7000. :)
  16. My totally disorganized and unscientific testing has yielded that the problem has seemed to have gone away.
    I did a firmware update.
    Didn't try camera reset yet.
    For now all batteries seem to work in both cameras.
    If I don't see any problems I'll probably end up buying my friend's D80 as a back up.
    If I do see any problems I will update the thread in case a single other person on the internet is interested in what happens here :)
    Thank you all for your inputs!
  17. Oh Ofer, never fear, we're all interested! When I got my D300, I 'donated' my D80 to the better half. If her's does this, I'll know where to look.
    Seems like the firmware fixed it...............I love it when a plan comes together!
  18. I'm not sure the firmware is what did it,
    the problem seemed to go away before I
    did the update, mostly just by pushing
    the batteries in extra a little bit. Like I
    said, inconclusive.

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