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  1. So I have been saving my pennies for a new camera body for a while now and I am in a position now to pull the trigger on a new to me Nikon. I have had my eye on the D750 for a while now but the D810 keeps nagging at me too.

    I am currently using a D700, but this dilemma is bugging me. Not sure which one I'd go for tbh. Either cameras has more megapixels than the 700. After using my tank of a camera for a few years now I thought a smaller camera would be ideal which the d750 fits the bill. The d750/810 is much newer than d700 too.

    Oh I have no idea what to choose! Does anyone have any experience with both bodies and have an opinion which would be the better purchase?
  2. Sandy Vongries

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    Have and like both. D750 is smaller and lighter, it can do most things very well, and I tend to use it for general photography and travel. The D810 is heavier, and I most often use it for flowers and insects, the extra MP help on crops. Frankly I don't think you can go wrong with either. Do a quick search and there are many, many detailed comparisons which will help you decide which will fit your photography.
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  3. I think you should go for the D850. It's the last .
  4. I would do that too: get the D850 instead.

    But the D810 is a fine camera too. So is the D750. The Z series would be good too perhaps.
    I think you should decide what would feel best for you.
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    I have used all of those. In fact, back in 2014, I wrote this comparison article for photo.net: Nikon D810 versus D750: Which to Choose?

    And what exactly is insufficient on your current D700 that prompts you to upgrade? I have the D850 also. It is certainly a fine DSLR, but it costs more.
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  6. I own both, and like Sandy states, the D750 is a bit lighter. The D810 does have the pixel edge @ 36.3mp. Both are older technology, if that's an issue for you. However, given that D850's are the latest, I'd be looking for one of those, even used, provided you can get a lower shutter actuation count. Roberts Used Camera has several; that's where I got a mint D810 earlier this year (< 1500 clicks). It's turned into a real workhorse for me.

    I usually keep a 24-70 f/2.8 VR on the D810, and a 105 f/2.8 Micro Nikkor VR on the D750 for close up work. Both deliver outstanding images.
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  7. One thing I have seen consistently from Nikon going all the way back to my F2 days is that the higher level cameras tend to be easier to use and more capable. I have the 800, 810 and D4 and they all do everything I ask of them. I think that you will probably be best served by the 810 but find one that has a lower shutter count and doesn’t look like it has been used to hammer nails. Get one from a reliable source like KEH. I’ve had very mixed results from the auction site. There’s no wrong answer here but I would go with the 810

    Rick H
  8. I would add to the notes so far that the D810 is more like the D700 than the D750 body is. I have owned both an 810 and 700, but not a 750. Did own a D600 a while, the 24mp sensor was good but I did prefer the D700/800 controls setup. If you are keeping the 700 as a 2nd body backup (I would), the D810 might be the better choice since it is a more similar body and controls.

    For weight/size reduction, the Z system probably is the long term solution. I have generally switched to the Z mirrorless as my primary system.
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  9. Thanks everyone for your input and helping me reach my desision. I think the d810 will be the direction I will go.

    I like the idea of more megapixels and I do enjoy the button layout on my D700 so keeping that familiar is ideal.

    I will be keeping my D700 too. They seem to be appreciating in price so worth hanging onto.

    So thanks again guys.
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  10. It depends a bit on budget, what you do and which lenses you have. I recently broke down and got a DSLR that can use my old manual focus Nikkors. The D850 appealed but a used D810 was much less expensive and better than good enough so that's what I got.

    For one of my applications, hand held macro with flash illumination and dim ambient lighting the D810 is harder to focus than I like. My old flash rigs still work but dim ambient = dim view in the finder = great difficulty in seeing when the subject (unconstrained fish in an aquarium) is in focus. I might have been better off, if much poorer, if I'd got a mirrorless.
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  11. I am back with an update.. Purchased a mint D810. Very happy and cant wait to get out with it. I have been playing with it in the house and garden. I have stumbled on an unexpected surprise that I cant explain though.

    After using my D700 with its modest raw file sizes my computer always seemed sluggish when saving to .psd in photoshop. Photoshop seemed to hang for ages on 99% of the save process. Moving onto the 36mp raw files of the d810, yes it does take some time saving these files but it seems more fluid. No hanging just a fluid count up to 100% And it seems faster too. Also the transfer speed from CF to PC seems to have increased somewhat too.

    Is this due to the D810 being more modern and better firmware than the d700? my computer is rather old.. but its decently specd for what i use it for which is Photoshop. Weird but wonderful initial findings. love the high res images too!!
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  12. Saving to psd? Wow, how big are those files?

    i just open in PS out of ACR, save to jpeg at the max quality 12 level and the edits stay with the raw files. You must be working in layers from in Photoshop after opening from ACR. I can only imagine the size of those files. I can’t remember the last time I did any additional editing in PS after doing all the edits in ACR.
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  13. Yeah I work with layers in PS and the files sizes are ahem... rather large to say the least. Typical file size for d700 was between 150mb/300mb. These new files are 500+mb lol Gonna need bigger drives I think!
  14. And how.
    I 'only' have 11+ TB of storage (depending on what's plugged in), but tiff and psd files are usually just too large for ME to save much in those formats, I normally just save RAW plus small jpg.

    However, storage is still pretty cheap these days. Remember, if you're wise, you'll save backups as well.
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  15. I do hope it is the latest -:)
  16. Well I certainly don't have anywhere near your storage capacity! I will need to look into saving to another format to reduce file size. On a positive note I have two NAS units that I could upgrade with some more WD Red drives.
  17. I am now sure it's the latest. Nikon isn't going to make the replacement. But it's difficult to buy a new D850 now. Price has gone up.
  18. Have a closer look at the D780 , it uses all formats of SD cards ( two of them) , it's the go-between of the D750 and the D850, performance is higher than the D750 and the speed is also between D750 and D850 and builtin time-lapse functionality and also builtin Focus-stacking / Focus shift , etc. etc.
  19. Nope, the D780 is the latest , D850 ==> July 2017 , D750 ==> Jan 2020 ..
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  20. I gather the D780s LV performance is better than the D850s?

    Which Autofocus module is in it?

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