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  1. I'm asking this question based on a video put out by "Angry Photographer" on Youtube. His conclusion was that at ISO 400 the D7100 had better resolution than the D7200, but at higher ISO's the D7200 was better. I would like to hear from others who own or have used both bodies.
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    Kyle, I have both cameras, but I never pay attention to any tiny difference between them at low ISO. I got the D7200 for
    its deeper buffer and somewhat better high ISO results.
  3. Kyle, I wish you luck in your search for the perfect camera :)
  4. His conclusion is incorrect as a bit of detail is lost as you increase the ISO. At low ISO and especially for typically sized prints, it would be virtually impossible to see a difference anyway, especially if shooting RAW and processing with decent image processing software software.
    You can view/pixel peep samples (out-of-the-camera JPGs) for both bodies here and judge for yourself:
    Unless you are making post sized prints there should be no real concern. It seems everything about the D7200 is improved over the D7100.
  5. Andy, that video is hilarious!! Thank you for sharing. :)
  6. I wouldn't take too much notice of that Angry Photographer guy. He has some very eccentric theories about EM wave propagation, and his videos show a lack of clarity of thought. He simply repeats himself over and over and over again in most of them.
    I suspect he drew his conclusion from JPEGs, not RAW files. It's true the D7200 uses slightly more aggressive noise reduction than the D7100, which comes across as a slightly less-detailed image. However, working from RAW you can completely bypass that noise filtering.
    What I notice from those "Comparometer" examples that Ellis linked to, is that the D7200's rendering of reds is more saturated. So what I'd be looking at is which colour rendering I prefer, rather than any slight difference in how noise is handled. But again that's probably something that can be easily tweaked in RAW processing. What can't be tweaked is the D7200's much bigger buffer and it's improved AF ability.
    You might also want to look at DXO's sensor ratings for the two cameras here: http://www.dxomark.com/Cameras/Compare/Side-by-side/Nikon-D7200-versus-Nikon-D7100___1020_865
    It shows that the D7200 is marginally better than the D7100 at lower ISO speeds in all parameters, but at higher speeds the D7100 edges it out by a nose in some areas.

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