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  1. Hi, I am using Nikon D70s with nikkor 80-200mm F2.8 to shoot a fashion show
    yesterday (first time).
    I am facing problem of focusing. The story is like this, I set my focus as AF-S
    at the beginning, but, I found the model walking speed is a little bit fast,
    when I focus the model eyes, then very fast, it will become out of focus because
    of the model walk away from the distance that I focus just now. And then, I
    change to AF-C, this mode even worst, because I can hardly use back my technique
    of "Half press-Focus-Composite photo-Full press shutter", because when I
    re-composite that time, the focus point change. Actually what is the proper
    setting or proper technique to shoot a fashion show?
  2. Use the spot that is on the eyes. A little difficult on the D70s, because it only has 5 points, so set your focuspoint to right focuspoint(top in portrait) cam on spot metering and AF-S, you easure now on the eyes and maybe some +/- EV correction, your metering is not distrub by some spotlights or so.You can simulate AF-C by the pressure of your finger on the shutter, when OK press through.
  3. The answer is something called "zone focus." Manually pre-focus on a spot on the catwalk where you expect to fire the shutter. Then wait until the model reaches that point, then fire the shutter.
  4. In addition to advices given, you need to use AF-S type lens. The AF may not cut it on D70 or even higher end cameras.

    You lens is an AF lens, so it focuses slower, and tracking is always too late even for moving person. Get 70-200 AFS lens, and D200 used camera, or better tracking D300.
  5. If I remember right, the AF-C mode has two other choices, one that allows you to shoot ONLY if it is in focus or when the green light is on and the other allows you to shoot even if it is not on focus. Its always easier to focus on your D70s when the subject is coming on towards you at a 90 degree angle.
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    The D70/D70s' Multi-CAM 900 AF module has the limitation of having only one cross-type AF point, namely the center one. That is the only one that will work well under dim light, but in most cases the center of the frame is not going to be where your subject (or your subject's eyes) is.

    The D200's Multi-CAM 1000 is a bit better, but it also has one cross-type AF point.

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