D70s IR Remote Not Working

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jay_chartwell, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. My D70s IR remote is not working. The battery shows 3 volts (with a VOM - I don't have a battery tester for a 3V battery). Anyone have any ideas how to determine where the fault is?
  2. I take it you've tried taking the battery out and cleaning the contacts. Perhaps a new battery is in order.
  3. Jay, if you have a webcam or a camcorder, pointing the remote to it while depressing the button will reveal the IR LED flashing. This will at least determine if the remote is at fault.
  4. Michael, are you saying that pointing the remote at the lens of the camcorder (while pushing the remote's button, of course) and recording it, it will show up on the recording if it's working?
  5. Yes, Jay, and you won't need to record; just looking through the viewfinder or LCDisplay will do.
    This works because a camcorder's CCD sensor is IR sensitive even though there's a built-in IR-blocking filter. In fact, now that I'm thinking, even a point-and-shoot still camera will work in its live-view mode. Have a look at this picture on what you can expect to see of the remote's LED lighting up:
  6. Common mistake with Nikon remote release little button IR for D70/D50 was: People point the round tip with the diode into hand, and the longer rectangular end into the camera. This way distance is only few feet, if it works.
    Advice: locate glass tip of the IR diode on the round edge of the device, and make sure you point it at the camera, and not the other end.

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