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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by anil_m, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Now shops here are having D7000 body. Since sigma 17-70 ( 2.8-4) not avilable here, am going to get it with 50 mm 1.8. Any suggetions on what all I need to check /test/fine tune while buying D7000 with this body
  2. First, I'd read the manual and familiarize yourself with the camera, its controls, and its capabilities. Then shoot some photos. If they're sharp, you're done. If not, you may want to check or adjust the autofocus fine-tuning. Enjoy your new camera.
  3. Is the 50/1.8 going to be your only lens? It's a short tele on dx, hopefully you have other dx lenses to manage your wider focal length requirements.
  4. You may indeed find 50mm to be too long to serve as your only lens. The 35/1.8 might be a better choice, and will still prove to be very useful (as a fast prime) should you get a slower zoom, later.
  5. Thanks all. I don't have any other lens. Hope 50 1.8 will help for events and people. Do we have different models of nikor 50 1.8 , like D, G or VR?
  6. The 50 f1.8 only comes in AF-D.
    I highly reccomend adding the 35mm f1.8 DX to compliment the 50mm. Those two are a very powerful lens combo, and I find that I prefer the 35mm for doing crowd shots at events.
  7. Get the 35/2.0D-AF, that 's a very nice standard lens for a DX camera. Even if you add other lenses later, you'll always have uses for the 35/2.
  8. If you're considering to only take the 50mm f/1.8 because of budget limit, I'd strongly consider switching to a D90 or D3100, with something like a Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 (why only consider the Sigma 17-70- sure it's a nice lens, but not unique?).
    For events and people, that would make a much more useful combination than only 50mm. There is little point to having a high-end camera if your lenses hold you back.
  9. anil, the 50/1.8 is a fine starter lens. its sharp and versatile, and can do everything from available light to landscapes to portraits. as others have noted, it's a bit long on DX, but you will just have to adjust your shooting preferences accordingly. eventually, you will want other lenses, but starting out that way, you'll at least learn composition.
    as for your question, i'm not sure i understand what you are asking. what are you trying to check/test/fine tune? obviously, you want to make sure the lens focuses correctly and the camera's AF and other functions work. i suggest reading the manual cover-to-cover and going over each feature mentioned until you understand all the functions.
  10. For events and people images I would prefer a 17-50mm f2.8 type zoom. I would find a short tele only to restrictive. In DX if it where primes only something like a 20mm, 28mm and 50mm would work well for me, YMMV. When ever I purchase a new body or lens I just go out and use it to test and see if all is well. As Eric mentions reading the manual is a very good place to start. I have one of Thom Hogan's books and find it good also for a bit more indepth knowledge.
  11. Thanks again. As Eric said I planning to start of with 50 1.8 and my dealer ready to take back 50 1.8 if I opt for zoom after sometime.
  12. no offense, but spending 10:1 ratio on a digital body:lens, to me makes no sense. your pic is only as good as your lens. i do have a 50 1.8d though, but i got that as a first lens to a free film body (N70) !
    as a side note, today my colleague came in toting a D300s and a tamron 28-70 attached to it, when asked, he only knew the price of the body and couldn't care less about the lens.
  13. Hi Moosekaka, is the comment based on the price or quality? I had seen very good comments about 50 1.8 in photonet and read good reviews about it in other forums. During discussions in photonet forums, lot of peopel suggestted I should have 50 1.8 even if I go for satndard zooms. About, D7000, I prefer it over D90 as it has latest technology and am not thinking of upgrading it at all.
  14. Umm....why on earth would you say that 50 f1.8 is not a good lens? It is highly regarded as not only being one of the best bangs for your buck, but having extremely great optical quality. It is a very good lens, it just won't serve the OP well in all situations.
  15. no, i do not mean to say that the 50 1.8D is a bad lens, on the contrary! it is a FANTASTIC lens, as you will note i have one myself and shoot from it still on my backup N70.
    what i meant was that rather then spend $1200 (minimum) on the body and $120 on the lens. why not get a better lens (or TWO) and a cheaper body?
    depreciation will make your body almost worthless in 10 years time, yet good lenses hold their value (i wouldn't be so quick to say "not thinking of upgrading it at all", these things have a funny way to get you in the upgrading bug!).
  16. You know, I would generally agree on the better lenses before better body, but, I am not sure that is always the case in the digital age. Since we don't insert whatever film we want to, that certain equalization of the playing field amongst film cameras has been removed. So now the digital body holds a more important role in your setup than the film body did. Bodies now have so many "features" that they are in the equation. Does the OP need high ISO abilities? Does he need 1080P video? Does he need a magnesium body?
    That said, I do not disagree that the OP might be better served by a different lens (the 50mm is really too long to cover events by itself on DX) or an additional lens.
  17. Thanks. Another question is about auto focus. 50 1.8 is AF not AF S. What is the advantage of AF S lenses? Is this difference matter with D 7000?
  18. In Nikon language AF or AF-D means the lens can auto focus if the body as a motor to drive the lens. AF-S means the lens has a motor built in. The D7000 has a AF motor so it will auto focus all AF type lens. Other lower end Nikon bodies may not have a AF motor.
  19. zach, anil sorry to harp on the lens issue, but if thats your thinking about the digital bodies, than i think the OP should get the 18-55 DX, its the same price as the 50 1.8 and you wont notice the difference in image quality since you are aren't fussy about lens quality in the first place.
    i seriously doubt the dealer will take back the lens for the same price you paid without charging you for it somewhere else....that said i paid for my like new 10-months old 50 1.8 of the auction site for about 80% of the brand new price.

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