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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by tombest, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I don't care for the Nikon brand screen protector that came with my new D7000 and am interested in one of the many replacements that are being offered. I have seen them in 'optical glass' and 3M/Zagg protective film varieties. Any suggestions? And for the record, I looked but didn't seem to be able to find any posts on this topic here. Thanks,
  2. I have been very happy with the Giottos brand of glass protectors.
  3. I like the Vello brand one for my D300. It's just like the Nikon one, but with better quality optical glass. The Vello for the D7000 looks like a somewhat different design than the one for the D300. The D7000 version also goes around the view finder or also includes it's own view finder cover. I had the Giottos brand for over a year and it worked well until it was left in a hot car too long and the adhesive let loose.
  4. Tom: There are several good ones ... don't be afraid of the ones that stick-on ... the adhesive is not permanent, and they can be popped off if you wish to change it out...the sick-on has a lower profile than the snap-on Nikon protector.
  5. You can't clean the protector that came with the camera, I have tried many times and still has marks on it.
  6. I suppose the biggest gripe with the original is the size and the glare, so anything that duplicates the original, even if of better quality would be a deal breaker for me. I am not opposed to the 'stick-on' adhesive versions but the variety through either B&H or Amazon is hard to navigate through. The Giottos looked interesting but a few complained of breakage when they, in their humble opinion, did nothing to induce the breakage. Some advertise reduced glare and they vary greatly in price from a few bucks to over $20. Thanks for the responses.
  7. I have the Giottos on tow cameras, neither a D7000, so don't know if that matters, but I have been very happy. Absolutely no problems, the coated surfaces really kill glare and if you are worried about leaving your camera in a hot car and the protector coming unglued I must ask, exactly why are you leaving your camera in a car that hot?
  8. re cleaning the nikon protector. in my teens i used windowlene glass cleaner to remove scratches from the perspex lid of a hi-fi turntable. worked like a charm, if you have a similar product in the home it may work. (i am from the UK, and talking about the bottled pink stuff, not the spray).
  9. On my D7000, I use the Vello brand glass screen protector sold by B&H and others. I love it--much lower profile, easy to clean, and won't come off and get lost. Best $12 I ever spent on camera gear!
  10. I was not familiar with the Vello brand before so I sort of dismissed it without reading the reviews. It seems to have gotten universally
    great reviews and I'm sure B&H wouldn't carry it if it wasn't a quality piece. Thanks for all the input. I'll order one tonight.

  11. Lisa, they actually went up to $15 but still sounds like a deal. I wouldn't really care if it was $20 or so as long as helped
    with the profile and was easier to see through.
  12. "...if you are worried about leaving your camera in a hot car and the protector coming unglued I must ask, exactly why are you leaving your camera in a car that hot?"
    Traveling in Arizona and had no choice... was not in there all that long either...
  13. Tom S, you mentioned that the Vello you had was 'just like the Nikon one'. By that I was assuming it was a clip-on style like the OEM Nikon but from what I can see, it is a glass adhesive version like the Giottos. There is a $10 premium for the Giottos, by the way Is it worth it?
    And Elliot, if you're still around, do you have a D7000 that your Giottos is mounted on? One reviewer on B&H indicated that the 3" version wasn't a good fit on the D7000, especially due to the black frame around the outside of the protector restricting the viewing area. Thanks,
  14. One more thing (hijacking my own thread), I sometimes place my camera bag in the trunk of my car as I head out to the local wetlands here in S Florida in order to acclimate my camera and lenses to the heat and humidity. The air conditioning is running most of the time down here (car and house) and there is a big differential between inside and out. I would prefer it all be up to ambient before I take it out of the bag and if it's 95 degrees outside, the camera needs to be 95 as well. Thanks again for your feedback.
  15. I'm pretty sure the LCD is tougher then most
    protectors! I tried to scratch mine and couldn't!
    Definitely harder to scratch then the Nikon plastic
  16. I did not have one on my D7000 - I used it on my D3. A very small amount of the screen is covered. If it means anything, I just order a Giottos for my D800 and I really don't like the stock plastic protector. Do some research on the Giottos - it is much more than a simple piece of glass.
  17. Tom, yes clip on and definitely no adhesive:
    I thought it was a little expensive, but it fits very well and also includes a protector for the top LCD that I didn't use.
    Also agree with Daniel that the the camera's glass is pretty scratch resistant. When the adhesive let loose on my Giottos, I used the camera without anything for the rest of the trip hiking around a lot of dusty southwest locations. It was nice using the camera without any cover, but I'm paranoid so I spent the money when I got back home...
    Tom S.
  18. I had tried several and finally settled on the GGS LCD protector. Three parts in the kit, a clip on to replace the Nikon model, a stick-on for the top LCD, and another for the view finder just held in behind the eye pad. Used them on a D90 and a D700, all three easy to wipe clean, and the viewfinder glass keeps the dust out of the view.
    Excellent product.

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