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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dennis_brabender, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. My battery on my D7000 doesn't seem to be holding a charge
    I had a full charge yesterday took maybe 50 pics
    came home downloaded the images
    turned the camera off
    today the battery was completely dead
    any suggestions?
  2. ShunCheung

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    There are three obvious possibilities:
    1. The battery is not working properly.
    2. The battery charger is not working properly.
    3. The camera is not working properly.
    You need to find another EN-EL15 battery, MH-25 charger, another D7000 or V1 (which uses the same type of battery) to determine which part is not working right. Or you can find a voltmeter to check the battery.
  3. I suggest the followig test:
    1) Charge the battery
    2) Take 50 pictures and download to your computer.
    3) Turn off the camera
    4) Remove the battery
    5) Wait 24-hours, then replace the battery in the camera.
    If the battery is dead, the problem is the battery. If the battery still has power, leave it in the camera for another 24 hours. At the end of the second 24-hour period if the battery is dead, the problem is probably with the camera. If the battery is good, the original problem was probably due to "operator error".
  4. Definitely something is not right - I regularly shoot 1000 + photos with a charge on the D7000.
    Brooks has given you a good test - it could be any of the thing Shun mentioned, battery, camera, charger or additionally human error -
    I'd try another battery - if one is available too.
  5. Sometimes, on some chargers, with some rechargeable batteries, the charger indicates that the batteries are charged before they actually are... Try leaving the battery in longer, perhaps.
  6. Sounds like a battery problem to me. If you have owned it for a while, just replace it. If you have not owned it for 10,000 photos or so, then try refreshing it by discharging it completely and recharging it. There is a possibility that your charger or, worst case, your camera battery connection has a problem. Let's hope it's just the battery. Batterys don't live forever and if you've kept it in extreme temperatures (below freezing above 100 degrees--like when you leave your camera in your car) then the battery needs a funeral service and burial!
  7. ShunCheung

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    Battery is certainly the most likely problem, but we have seen others over the years. The D7000 is the first camera that uses the EN-EL15 and it is barely a year old. Therefore, any EN-EL15 should be within a year and you would expect it to last much longer than that. However, anything can happen to even a "young" battery, and Nikon provides no warranty on them (for good reasons, I suppose).
  8. You should get at least 1000 frames per charge. However, I did have one instance where my D7000 battery drained overnight. I never figured out how it happened and I have not been able to repeat it. I have the battery handle and have two attached at all times. Even after four days of lots of shooting RAW files -- maybe 2000 frames, I never got the second battery.
  9. Thanks for your suggestions
    gives me some ideas for a plan of attack
    I charged my battery for 12 hours should be fully charged put it in the camera for a dozen pics
    now it is sitting out will reinstall later to see if it is discharged
    I know that I will need to purchase another battery just for a spare if nothing else
  10. You need a spare in any case. With the battery handle I also have a spare insert that uses AA batteries. I would hate to be traveling for several days and run out of juice. However, the D7000 is much more stingy on the use of battery power than I had anticipated.
  11. Just for the record, but maybe not in this case..
    I noticed that when i put a battery in a charger that is already plugged into the mains, it does not always charge propperly, but when i put a battery into the charger first, and then plug it into the mains(like the manual advices too), i never have any problems...

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