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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by davey h, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. This is more of a RANT than a question. Having had a D300 for over 12 mths what not a tiny bit of bother I decided to (upgrade) to the D700. I took my camera with me to my sons graduation. Bad move very bad move d700 24/70 Nikon lens SB600 flash all charged all sorted or so I thought.
    First few images OK not brilliant slightly over exposed and according to histogram as well checked the usual things -/+ compensation etc then it started to go pear shaped buttons wouldn't respond and I mean all buttons. The display was still on in LCD screen battery was still fully charged.
    Ok switch off and start again ok for a few shots then same again. The day was sunny no rain so no water involved and my cameras get better looked after than the wife (or so she says)
    OK switch off lens off and back on and again OK for a few images then same again! but here is the best bit this is my second D700 to do this and this happened to a friend of mine with his own lenses so not a problem with the lens.
    So the time has come to say good bye. I would like to say this was a happy relationship but can no longer trust the camera.
  2. Sorry to hear that David. Maybe time to get another D300?
  3. I don't blame you. If it happened to me, I would do the same thing. I had my first D700 go dead after a couple of weeks. The replacement has been fine after 5000 exposures. Cross my fingers. I know what you mean re "trusting" the camera.
    What's ironic in my situation is that I shoot two M8s. They are considered by some to be unreliable yet when my first D700 broke down on a trip, my M8 served admirably as the backup.
  4. I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding the details from your post, but here are a couple of ideas.
    You said that the day was sunny and that you were using an SB-600 flash. No problem here, but you have to be careful that the flash sync doesn't slow down your shutter speed.
    Using the Sunny f/16 rule, if you were shooting at ISO 100, your shutter speed would have been
    1/100 @ f/16
    1/200 @ f/11
    1/400 @ f/8
    1/800 @ f/5.6
    So, let's say you were shooting at f/8. Without flash, the camera would have adjusted the shutter speed to 1/400th of a second. BUT, when you turn the FLASH ON, the camera probably adjusted the shutter speed down to 1/60th of a second or so. If you didn't change your aperture to f/18 or f/20, everything would have been overexposed.
    The D700 histogram is tuned to the limits of JPEG files. If you shoot RAW/NEF files, you have more latitude than the histogram indicates - not a WHOLE lot more, but you shouldn't worry about a "slight overexposure." The D700's sensor gives you bonus headroom.
    It's never advisable to take new or unfamiliar gear to a once-in-a-lifetime event.
  5. David,
    Can you post some examples of the 'pear shaped' exposures with EXIF data?
  6. Matthew,
    Believe David is talking about the "pear shaped" (iso/wb/qual) buttons on left control platform.
  7. Admittedly, I thought this would be the first (?) unofficial announcement of its successor! The multi-pixeled D700X or 800.. Much anticipated.
    Good luck with your '700!
  8. While it sounds like something is wrong with your camera, it is possible operator error is involved. Consider giving Nikon Tech support a call (1-800-645-6689). Perhaps they can resolve your issue for you.
  9. Post some images because I have a hard time understanding what you are talking about. So the first few images were OK but then the later ones were not? Post one of the OK images and post a bad image.
  10. Maybe I'm reading too much into the original post but I believe his photos are ok, it's the camera's controls that are malfunctioning. Perhaps the problem needs to be restated? Regards, Leo
  11. Yes, lack of punctuation makes it a little confusing, but the phrase "buttons wouldn't respond and I mean all buttons" is the key. Happened repeatedly to him. I don't think he's concerned about the exposure. It's the electronic failure.
  12. Sorry... I found the OP to be incomprehensable.
    I love my D700, it's the best camera yet. Never had an issue with it, even when shooting in the rain.
  13. you certainly seem to have bad luck with cameras!
    there's obviously something very wrong if your D700's buttons suddenly froze up for no apparent reason. and it happened to your friend, too!
    all i can say is, some of them (knock on wood) do work. overall, those who are happy with their D700s vastly outnumber the problem cases -- at least, on this forum. but that's everybody else.
    when you finally find a camera that works for you, hang on to it. sounds like you'd have been better off with your D300.
  14. Leo,
    "then it started to go pear shaped buttons wouldn't respond"
    He means "then it started to go wrong, buttons wouldn't respond".
    'Go pear-shaped' is Cockney/generally English slang for "go wrong". The derivation is unclear to say the least.
    That aside, like most here I found the OP to be generally incomprehensible. Punctuation may be out of fashion, but it isn't superfluous.
  15. My D700 worked perfectly out of the box and for the 5 months I owned it. It took brilliant gorgeous images, but it had faults that the D300 did not, and ultimately the D300 is a better fit for me overall. Size matters, and the D700 was just too chunky in my hand for me (maybe I have small hands). Sorry to hear your D700 didn't serve you well, but stick with the D300, it's brilliant in every way.
  16. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    'Go pear-shaped' is Cockney/generally English slang for "go wrong".​
    While I knew the OP is posting from the UK, I wasn't familiar with such slang. Thanks to Michael Houghton's clarification.
    Some people simply have very bad luck with (Nikon) cameras. In this forum there are a few people who need to return just about every camera or lens they purchase. The OP here is apparently one of them; early last year he had to return two different D300 bodies: http://www.photo.net/nikon-camera-forum/00NuPh
  17. Hi Guys sorry for any confusion. The problem was with the different buttons on the camera. The play back button wouldn't react when pressed when it did co-operate the multi-function button on the back of the camera wouldn't allow me to go back and forth to look at previous images.
    The mode button was also tempermental only allowing changes every third or fourth attempt.
    When the settings were in aperture priority and the camera was moved to different lighting situations the settings stayed the same even the meter didn't react. Sorry for the "pear shape" guys English term. my grammar isn't the best Guys so Sorry for that.
    My luck with Nikon hasn't been the best so now unsure what road to take next.
    My dealings with Nikon haven't been what you would call successful found them quite arrogant thanks for the reply's.
  18. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I hope we all aware that the multi-selection pad on the back of Nikon SLRs has a lock on it to prevent unintentional switching.
  19. Yes that was fine Thanks one of the first things I checked. I will try once more with Nikon and see how I get on.
    If no luck then! not sure what I will do.
  20. This is just a shot in the dark, but I thought I'd suggest it anyway. Is it possible that you have a faulty CF card? Is it possible the the card could be causing the camera to "hang"? Have you tried different CF cards? What is the read/write speed of your current card?
  21. Could be I suppose the card is a SanDisk Extreme 3 4.0GB But the camera is going through it,s "happy time" at the moment so would have to try another card and see if it happened again.
  22. I take it that none of this is a battery/power problem?
  23. Please take a minute to proofread your posts before final posting. The lack of punctuation and flow make them difficult to read.
  24. I don't know if there is a good answer. I'm afraid we all are the guinea pigs helping the manufacturers cut their teeth on new electronic-laden technologies. Some people get along fine, while others seem to catch the brunt of the problems. It's a crap shoot. No manufacturer is immune. When I get down on the electronics I go back to all-mechanical film for a little while - helps to sooth the frustrations and regain the strength to dive back in.
  25. To go "pear-shaped" means to get fat in all the "wrong" places - large bottom and thighs. Hence it is not a good thing.
  26. David, is the firmware all up to date?
  27. blimey, mate. that's a right bit of sod, innit?
  28. Ha Ha Ha I like it Eric. Yes the firmware is all up to date Thanks Fab.
  29. Golly, Dave, I looked your gallery on Photo.net. Several of the shots were taken with a D700 last January, and they looked to OK exposures. Did the D700 have a change of character after being out and about for a bit?
  30. It looks like it David
  31. Ok switch off and start again ok for a few shots then same again.​
    Hi Dave, did you try removing the battery for 10 secs and reinserting it and then turn back on, in many cases, this works. The CF card could also be suss. (suspect )
  32. Hi Peter I didn't try removing the battery but if I keep the Camera and it happens again I will do Thanks.
  33. It may be a weather-related glitch....
    Were you shooting outdoors and the camera was in air-conditioning prior to going to the graduation ceremony? In this area of the south, the muggy heat outside may cause a bit of condensation when going inside, giving cause to the problem just 'appearing' when you were ready to shoot. And the reverse would also apply, going from a cooler (air conditioning on high) space to the great out-of-doors muggy place.
  34. I'd be somewhat surprised if two cameras in a row exhibited the exact same problem without a common cause. The odds are very low. I would try at the least a different CF card. I have had a bad Kingston CF card lock up my D3 before, and there was nothing wrong with the camera. Maybe the camera buss hung on a media time-out.
  35. Thanks Guys. Jerry the weather was warm but but no air con sadly. I,ll give the "try a different card" a go and see how it goes. It,s not cheap changing cameras as we all know Thanks again.
  36. I had my D70 with me in china when a typhoon hit us. The D70 worked flawlessly although I was sure something going to give with the water just coming down. A pro level camera like the D700 should easily handle UK weather if not left in rain.
  37. I take it that none of this is a battery/power problem?
    Thats something I would suspect also. I know with my D700 it can do weird things when the power is low, the LCD may not work, or it wont let you preveiw shots, when the shutter may fire or some things may work. I can't remember everything because its been fully charged for ages now. As for the battery being fully charged, maybe it isn't but you're getting wrong indication saying it is ?? As for the 'slang', don't worry, we cockneys know where you're coming from.
  38. To go "pear-shaped" means to get fat in all the "wrong" places - large bottom and thighs. Hence it is not a good thing.
    If only it was that clear that this is the meaning. It's the one I've always assumed, but the (unintentionally hilarious) wikipedia article suggests other possible histories. I'm quite sure that they are wrong on one point regarding the derivation of a related but more uncouth expression that has an entirely more obvious interpretation, but some of their alternative histories of the phrase are plausible.
  39. David, I'd like to know what Nikon's diagnosis was for the D700 doing a proverbial Norwegian Blue on you. Mine has withstood quite a lot. I've heard more stuff going wrong with iPods & iPhones than D700s and yet you can't stop people queuing to buy them.
  40. This is a good example of why professional photographers always carry backups, fully test, and understand their gear before using it for important events.
  41. Ive never had a problem with my Ipod lol, regards understanding my Gear all the understanding in the world wouldnt change the fact that the Camera malfunctioned Robert but I do understand what you are saying about the back up Camera. I will pass the last part of information on to my wife but remember it was YOU who suggested it! lol
  42. I seem to have a related power problem with my D700. Sometimes it will not power up and the LCD is totally blank. After sitting stationary for 2-3 days, it will operate normally. The problem is intermittent. This has happened twice this past year and I cannot trust it to be there when needed. Changed the battery, lens, and CF card but nothing works when it is in this dormant state. Anyone have similar problems?....or suggestions? humidity problems? Static electricity?
  43. Ouch - that sounds worrying - like the F801 hassles back in 1989 all over again?

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