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  1. Being a relative newcomer to photography (a little under a decade), I'm looking for a bit of advice on timing.
    I want to buy a used d700 at the best price possible (good condition, reasonable shutter count, etc). I figure with the d800 release in the near future, photogs might be selling their d700's to get the new model.
    Is this a reasonable assumption? If so, could I gather some opinions from the more veteran members of the photo community on the best time to buy an old-model camera during the release of a new-model? Is it right after the release? A month? Longer?
    Thank you in advance,
  2. I say during anticipation. Maybe like now, but it really depends on the sucessor, its specs and how it's priced.
  3. I don`t think there will be many D700 owners running to sell their cameras at the D800 (?) release... and if so, most will be probably traded in the shop; the resellers will know how to increase the price to make them far from a bargain. Given the good name of the D700, I think it will be hard to find a good one at a bargain price, at least in my surroundings. This is what we are used to.
    Good condition ones will be expensive; as usual, with everything.
    I think they will become cheaper when their value goes down; again, as usual with everything.
    I see "older" expensive model that become obsolete; even newer, cheaper consumer models are better buys (if you`re thinking to have image quality instead of "rugged constructions", "better sealings", built-in battery grips or even the coolness of a pro model).
    If you`re looking for the amateurish, almost unused camera, from an excited owner that is willing to sell on the bay at any price to fund the new model, I`d start looking right now, or in the next day to the release; there will be a very few ones, I think, for many potential buyers. It will be simply matter of luck.
  4. Based only on the "rumors" I'm seeing - video, 24-36 mp, dual slots, new battery - I'm not in any rush to upgrade.
    I don't shoot video, megapixels are over-rated, dual slots - change memory cards once in while, and I have to go out and buy 2 more new batteries? Forget it.
    I'm sticking with the D700.
    And just to add to the discussion - I was at a camera store a year or so ago looking to trade a D300 for a D7000 - their initial offer was 40% of resale for the D300. (at the time $800.00 was resale - so they were at $320.00) after some intense negotiation I got them up to 60% and that was just because they knew it wouldn't sit on the shelf long. I ended up walking out and selling it myself for $750.00
  5. In the Washington DC area, since the D4 announcement D700 C-list prices have already dropped... and there are more listings around too. You never know what they actually sell for of course (unlike the auction site using a completed listing search), but I see them listed usually in the $1,800-$2,200 range these days.
    I purchased one last Oct for $2k on c-list and have been thrilled with it, in fact in retrospect I wouldn't have been upset to have paid more for it given the amount of use and the couple of jobs it really helped me on in the past few months.
    Back before the floods and earthquakes disrupted the Nikon digital production and availability the D700 was actually less than the most recent $2,700 retail price, not positive what it was exactly... but back in those days I saw a very small handful of used bodies going as low as $1,500.
    My own guess, which is what I think you are asking for anyway because I don't KNOW... is that there will be a bump of D700 sales immediately upon release of the D800/700x from the people who don't really shoot much anyway and need/want the $ for the presale and waitlist... and then you won't see a huge difference until the D4's and D800's are really shipping and out in the marketplace.
    Looking at the used prices for the original Canon 5D FX around ($900-$1,000 at KEH) I'm thinking the D700 will eventually get down to the low to mid $1,000 range... but that could take a while.
    Bottom line for used prices if you are buying locally it will depend way more on the supply and demand than the overall national trends in prices... if you use the auction site or a place like KEH I think the prices will remain in the $1,800+ range for the bulk of the year. If you want it/need it just go get it, I don't think you'll regret it!
  6. You never know what the market will do. It seems reasonable to think that the used market would add some D700 models but you know it's a good camera and I figure it should maintain a decent value.
  7. If if actually released this week, it will take awhile to sell much volume of something like that. I think you're looking at D700 prices dropping maybe 3-5 months from now. I do think prices will drop by at least a fourth if not a third by end of this year. Nikon could very well release yet another camera that would be cheaper and work for you in the mean time, such as the D300 replacement.
    Kent in SD
  8. I don't "time" my purchases. If I were you, I would buy any available Nikon D700 in good shape, or refurbished as soon as I can locate one. I would also buy extra genuine Nikon EN-EL3e battery for the camera, because they are becoming scarce.
  9. Thanks everyone, I just posted a want ad on CL and got a seller who gave me his D700 with 17000 actuations for a paltry $1900.
    Couldn't be happier. Thanks everyone.
  10. Congratulations! Happy shooting

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