D70 vs S2 Pro

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by jesse_lee|1, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. I want to do 16 x 20 and bigger enlargements for aerial photography
    and wondering which camera would be better. thanks for any help.
  2. I do not think the D70 would enlarge to 16" x 20" well. What dpi would you be satisfied
  3. S2 handles 13x19 easily when printed at 300dpi on Canon S9000.
    If that helps. Two requirements, focus must be spot on (not a problem
    for aerials) and capture should be raw or JPG fine (I've never used
    the TIFF hires).

    Does that help?
  4. For the situation you are describing the S2 is better If shooting rapidly or flash sync
    speed are primary concerns then the D70 has an edge.
  5. Damon Kirschbaum: I have the d70 and ive printer up to 24x36 and it looks stunning,

    IMO either wouuld be fine, personally id go with the D70 because its newer, or wait for the S3
  6. I do not know how good the D70 is at 16x20, but for 4x6, images from it are sharper than those from the S2.

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