D70 + K1 + 18-70 results

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by greglyon, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. I decided to try out my K1 ring with my D70 and kit lens just for kicks. In case you don't know about this setup, the K1 ring is a very thin extension tube for wide angle lenses. Since it transmits no lens info to the camera it renders my 18-70 as a manual lens. Also, since it's a G lens that means I'm stuck with minimum aperture, f22. That's OK though since it's gonna be a macro shot and DOF is hard to come by. Everything seems to mount OK with reasonable clearance between contacts on the camera, lens and the K1 ring itself. I was afraid I'd have to modify my K1 ring somehow, but it doesn't appear to be necessary. (However, you take full responsibility if you try it and it breaks something on your lens or camera!) A quick test showed me that the area of focus is from about 3/4" in front of the lens to about 1 1/4" at minimum focus; about 1" to 2" at infinity focus. This lens isn't known for it's straight lines anyway...but they really distort at this magnification. Also C.A. was pretty extreme. In photoshop CS camera raw I moved both sliders to +100 to limit it somewhat! All said, it should make for some interesting closeups.
  2. And, here are some ruler shots that show the zone of focus...
  3. Thanks, Greg! Those are interesting results. Glad you took the trouble of showing us.
  4. If you have, try the 16mm f/3.5 fisheye with a K1 ring far better than the 18-70 kit zoom in terms of distortion, color fringing (none) and resolution (as good as any micronikkor).
  5. I don't have one of those, but it's one I will have to get someday...It sure seems to have a good reputation. Thanks Vivek.
  6. Here is a quick shot, Greg. Mixed lighting (tricky), f/8, K1 ring, 4 seconds. not corrected in anyways. The placement of the subjects (orientation of the camera) is very important in hiding the fisheye distortions.
  7. Damn! That's sharp! ARRRGH...I feel a case of NAS coming on strong...
  8. You are easy to convince! Here is a better shot in (more or less) daylight.
  9. Without the K ring, the lens is much better!
  10. I'll post small crops from the above photo.
  11. Another
  12. Last one.

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