D70 - Available w/o wait list?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by kevin7, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. looking for any reputable US stores that have a D70 in stock right
    now. please respond if you know of any. i am not against getting on a
    wait list, but am of course trying to avoid that.

  2. B&H Spoke to them today. In stock and no list. Order Quick!
  3. had already tried them...too late. but thank you.
  4. Try B&H again, both body only and kit (with lens) now say in stock again (12:30) CST.
  5. i went to cdw. they said they had 4 left. i ordered one hopefully to be shipped today. i will call back to verify in an hour or so. appreciate the feedback.
  6. Try uniquephoto.com

    I managed to get low on their list and should be recieving mine today or tomorrow.
  7. I walked into the Dearborn Adray's yesterday, and they still had 30 left out of their initial 80.


    You can't order on the website, they're a little old fashioned. Try the old "talk to a human being" thing.

  8. freestylephoto has the kits in stock, have a few actually i just called and ordered mine
  9. Adam - thanks. i actually had to cancel my order at CDW as their inventory system hadn't caught with the orders and i wasn't able to get one of their last kits. freestylephoto.biz had them. their shipping cost were a bit high, but they are very professional on the phone. i should receive by tuesday.

  10. Kevin,

    Thats kinda funny cause i ordered on from Ritz and they said they were expecting them the 3rd week in april, so i went searching, freestylephoto.biz had it instock online so i called to make sure and ordered one, i dont mind the shipping id rather pay a lil more for it then have to wait a month, amyway im psyched, cant wait for it to get here

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