D70 Availability

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by mesasone, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. Can anybody tell me who, as of April 3rd has the D70 outfit in stock.
    Further more, if you could refer anyone who will likely have it in
    stock and non-wait listed in the next few weeks, as well.
  2. try http://www.freestylephoto.biz/ ni got mine from there and they had a bunch of kits left when i ordered it, it shipped to me in 1 day also

    check B&H and adorama in teh next 2 weeks as well and Ritz and Wold camera they should be getting their shipments in about then
  3. and from the look of freestyles website you can add it to you card and doesnt say they dont have them, id give them a call and see, that is what i did
  4. It would appear that Best Buy has the outfit available for order through their web site, and may have it in select stores at this time...Unfortunately, none of the stores in my area have it so I can give it a once over before making my own decision.
  5. Thanks Adam, I will look into freestylephoto.

    Have you received your camera yet? If so, how would you rate their packaging/customer service and so forth. When you say it shipped to you in one day, do you mean it arrived next day, or shipped the same day.

    I'm interested in ordering from calumet - I generally order all my products from them, they have great service and since they ship from chicago, standard shipping fares arrive next day. Any idea where freestylephoto ships from?

    This is a grudation gift from my family, so I'm not entirely ship when the purchase will occur, however it should be with in the next few weeks.
  6. freestyle ships outta NJ, I ordered mine on 3/26 it shipped on 3/30 and was here on 4/1, i dont have it yet because it shipped to my house and im at college, they would only ship to the billing addy of my CC, but it will be here on monday, my mom said it looked fine when she got it but she didnt open it

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