D60 Issues with Auto ISO

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by leigh_mazion, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. I just picked up a refurbished D60 and I'm experiencing some strange things with ISO in Auto mode. I just shot pictures of my daughter's birthday with the camera in AUTO and using a SB-600 on camera. I was bouncing the flash off the ceiling. All exposures looked good, however, ISO was all over the place (200-1100). I have no idea why the camera would select 1100 ISO when using flash. Any thoughts?
  2. Adding a 'bounce' with the camera having the choice of ISO to use...that is what you [the ISO 1100] ended up with. You did not include a image, but unless you have a pure white ceiling, the camera did the best it could: it is also most difficult to figure out all the camera settings you had the camera in (large spot or matrix metering?) Unless your D60 has 'noise' at ISO 1100, you should be able to print the images.
  3. the simple solution is to turn auto ISO off when using flash. try shooting in Program or Aperture-priority; i surmise Auto automatically selects auto-ISO.
  4. The camera selected the higher ISOs to insure the images would be properly exposed. The pictures would have been dark otherwise. This is normal anytime ISO is turned on as that is the exact purpose of auto ISO, to insure proper exposure when there is not enough light based on the camera's current settings.
    Bouncing flash generally produces superior results to direct flash but does require higher ISOs depending on shooting conditions and the lens used (with regard to aperture).
  5. Auto ISO increases ISO only when the flash power is not enough. When bouncing flash and using small aperture kit lenses you need high iso to get a decent exposure. If you have a stofen or any other modifier on your flash it will get even worse.
  6. I've experienced the same thing with the D40x and the D80. When bouncing the flash (I have an SB 600 too) with auto-ISO, I get a wide range of ISO in my shots (anything from 200 to 1600). I never ever figured out what factors affect the auto-selected ISO.
    Interestingly, if you don't bounce it and rather use the flash pointed straight ahead, it chooses the lowest ISO possible.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I typically do not use AUTO, but I'm trying to give the camera a full once over to make sure everything works. I did a couple test shots using AUTO and P (with ISO set to 200). Both shots were correctly exposed, but AUTO selected 400-800 for ISO.
    My wife shot a series using the built in flash and AUTO and all were at ISO 280 ... which seems ok. I am just surprised / disappointed because my D70s seems to handle exposure with bounce better than the D60.

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