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  1. The D6 got a new firmware version 1.2 which includes the following improvements:

    "Changes from “C” Firmware Version 1.11 to 1.20
    • • A Recall shooting functions (hold) item has been added to Custom Setting f3 Custom controls. Assigning this role to a control lets you recall previously-saved values for settings such as exposure and metering by pressing the control once during viewfinder photography. The previous values can be restored by pressing the control a second time. Recall shooting functions (hold) can be assigned to the Preview button, Fn1 button, Fn2 button, Fn button for vertical shooting, AF-ON button, Sub-selector center, AF-ON button for vertical shooting, Movie record button, or Lens focus function buttons.
    • • A new option, Prefer sub-selector center, has been added to the Custom Settings menu at position f13. Although at default settings the sub-selector cannot be used to position the focus point while the center is pressed, selecting Off for Prefer sub-selector center lets you hold the center and still position the focus point by pressing the sub-selector up, down, left, or right. You can, for example, assign AF-area mode to the center of the sub-selector and then use the sub-selector to position the focus point while the center still serves in the AF-area mode role.
    • • A Focus point selection speed item has been added to Custom Setting a17 Focus point options. The speed at which the focus points for viewfinder photography can be cycled by holding the sub-selector or keeping the multi selector pressed up, down, left, or right can be chosen from Normal, High, and Extra high.
    • • Ratings are now displayed at all times during playback zoom, even when None (image only) is selected for playback display options.
    • • The camera can now more reliably focus on poorly-lit low-contrast subjects when dynamic-area AF is selected for AF-area mode."

    Nikon | Download center | D6 Firmware

    I personally really appreciate the first, as I use recall shooting functions to switch between settings for fast-moving and slow-moving subjects and find having to hold down the front-side button to stay in the recalled mode somewhat awkward. The second improvement relates to how customized functions can be used for autofocus with the joystick. I'll have to test it tonight to see how it works in practice.
  2. Features 1 and 2 seem to work as described. The toggle on recall shooting functions is very useful.

    The second feature allows one to switch to a different focus area mode for the time the sub-selector is depressed, and combine this with AF-ON, and due to this change, one can now move the focus point around all the while focusing in the custom-programmed focus area mode. One can have a different mode under the AF-ON button or as default and then with the thumb actions one can switch between area modes and focus point positions. Too bad the multi-selector for vertical shooting can't be programmed to work in this way.
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