D5300 Video - Exposure Fluctuates Shooting Against Infinite White Background

Discussion in 'Video' started by m_a|1, May 6, 2016.

  1. Well, the titles says it all. I am shooting video of an individual in front of a white wall lit with softboxes to create an infinite white background effect. The exposure fluctuates sometimes when there is movement - hands coming up into the frame, the person shifting position. The fluctuation causes the person's face to be underexposed, sometimes dramatically, for several seconds until the camera adjusts. This happens in auto mode as well as in manual mode with auto iso turned off. I have focusing set to face priority.<br /><br />When the person is wearing dark clothes (ie high contrast) the fluctuations are nearly constant and the subject has to stay practically still to prevent them.<br /><br />Is there a way to eliminate the exposure fluctuations?

  2. Does the D5300 have an AE Lock button (or a button that can be programmed as an AE-L)? My K-r used to drive me nuts because it won't go full 'manual' in video mode, but when I like what I see I can hit the AE-L button and lock the exposure down.
  3. Michael, thanks I'll take a look at the workaround. Matthew, it does have AE lock - if I can't lock down the exposure with the settings I'll try seeing if it locks down with AE-L. Thanks!
  4. Can't you simply put it in full manual mode?
  5. "Can't you simply put it in full manual mode?"​
    The camera behaves differently in video mode, and the apparent manual settings in the menu still won't allow complete manual control; just one of those quirks.
  6. Sorry for not responding sooner - I was shooting in manual mode, A, S and was getting the fluttering exposure, even when I set Auto ISO sensitivity off. However, the combination of these settings eliminated the fluttering exposure entirely:

    (1) I turned off Auto ISO sensitivity
    (2) I switched to center-weighted metering
    (3) I assigned the AE-L/AF-L button to AE Lock (Hold)
    (4) I turned the shutter release button AE-L ON.

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