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  1. So I am sure some of you have seen this video and the one on the D5. Published Sep. 20, 2015. Is Nikon Motion part of Nikon, it looks legit. Thoughts and comments ?
  2. That looks "legit" to you?
  3. I would not worry too much about it. Once Nikon actually has something to present/launch, it will be on their own web site and most probably on their own YouTube channels (Nikon Asia, Nikon Europe and Nikon USA).
    Rumour sites are mostly about wishful thinking and generating traffic in order to get revenue from ads. Some look better than others, that is about it.
  4. The legit part I guess is the way it appears to be done by Nikon what with their logo at the end....is it illegal to use someones logo? anyway it was fun to watch!
  5. Wow. Type some specifications that vaguely match some plausible-sounding rumours (and some that don't) and, for some reason, play them in a YouTube video rather than just listing them on a web page or on a blog post. And include some typos (check where the commas are in the large numbers), use a font that's clearly nothing to do with Nikon branding, add a date that's slightly earlier than most of us are expecting for these cameras, and hope for hits.

    No, I don't think it's probable - most rumblings I've heard have put the D5 as early next year, and I can't imagine that it would be in Nikon's interests to announce a body that would negatively impact D7200 sales just before the holiday season (if they decide to make a D300s successor at all - Shun had persuaded me they'd given up, but I could imagine the appearance of the 7D2 might have changed some strategy, so I'm still not betting either way; it is possible that Nikon would launch such a camera alongside the D5, and history of ). I've no idea where those autofocus module specs came from.

    Of course, I know nothing and could be surprised. But I'd be absolutely astonished if they have any affiliation with Nikon (beyond getting slapped for trademark issue with the Nikon branding thing at the end - which they may be trying to avoid with the weird fonts) and I'd be surprised if they somehow have a scoop that none of the other traditional rumour sources have picked up.

    Edit: Kyle, other than a token effort including the Nikon logo, a Nikon camera (ish), and the yellow/black/white box thing in the wrong font, I'd really not go with "looks official". And yes, they could probably get slapped by Nikon for trying to represent themselves as having anything to do with the company.
  6. is it illegal to use someones logo?​
    Usually you do need permission from the owner of the logo, if you want to act like representing them in some official capacity. But that never stopped half the internet really. This video is pretty obvious not from Nikon; Nikon marketing would insist on using the right (corporate) font, for starters.
    It's silly rumours re-hashed as a video. All this hyping up based on hear-say is just tiresome. When the camera actually launches, people are going to complain here that it isn't as expected and bla bla bla bla and then the hype for the D6, D410s or whatever starts "to fix what they did wrong". It only adds noise and useless discussions on non-existing items, and false hopes.
  7. "Nikon D400 will be launched before November 2015" - They'd better hurry up then! And still no teaser ads from Nikon halfway through October? Complete BS and wishful thinking!
    "anyway it was fun to watch!" - did you see the same boring list of spurious "specifications" that I did Kyle? That's 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
  8. I don't mind discussing rumours if they seem to be near release and coming from multiple sources (for example when Nikon are doing a teaser campaign), and I don't mind discussion of what we'd like to see - partly there's a small chance that a forum of informed people like this might be something that Nikon could keep half an eye on for customeer feedback, and partly I fell much less aggrieved when a choice Nikon makes doesn't suit me if I know it makes sense to other people (who are, of course, subsidising my camera purchases). I think it's useful to know the "fact" of people's opinions, in addition to the facts about photography and camera hardware that we try to share on this site. I certainly want any discussion of rumours to be discussed in terms of sources and just being rumour, though.

    Maybe "Nikon Motion" really does have some inside knowledge, but otherwise, this seems like a fan posting random guesswork and presenting it as (to the very uninformed) authoritative, in the interests of getting views (which for some reason seems to matter to some insecure people). This actively misadvises potential Nikon customers and distracts us from being useful, along with wasting the time that many of us consider a relatively limited resource - but clearly "Nikon Motion" doesn't. I, too, would rather have the two minutes back - or at least an accurate description. I've taken the opportunity to downvote it, and I almost never vote at all on this kind of thing. And apologies to Nikon Motion if this really is information from an authoritative and corroborated source (who is somehow not being sacked by Nikon).
  9. Andrew, agreed that discussing wants and needs is certainly fine, and it would be nice to know that such feedback somehow trickles back down to Nikon R&D (or any other brand).
    But suggesting technologies in rumours, presenting them like "likely to appear" without actually knowing whether the features are doable, existing, economically sensible etc. etc. in my view just creates false expectations and lead to "disappointment", unreasonable as it may be. If you want to get ideas as a company on moonshot ideas, a survey might be better than a rumour-site discussion.
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    As a lot of you know, there is a rumor site dedicated to rumors about Canon products. When they started, they put the red Canon logo prominently on their web site. It could be confusing to some as if it were a web site owned by Canon. Canon went through legal means to force them to remove that logo.
  11. Agreed, Wouter. And since I've hopefully stopped now being ill, I'm really hoping to get my long-promised survey for user interface ideas available soon!

    I don't like to dismiss everything that sounds like a question about expected future company behaviour - there are worse things that a prosective Nikon purchaser could do than ask the opinion of those of us on this site who have followed the company's behaviour for a while when it comes to gauging whether a product is likely to be obsoleted. No harm in saying "this product is old relative to Nikon's history of updating this product line, and there's a show coming up, so you might want to hang on". I just want to make sure that we always couch that kind of information with the fact that it's informed guesswork and opinion, and no more.

    Rumours do sometimes provide an indication of what a company is going to do - most companies leak a bit, although many leak as much misinformation as real stuff, but we always have to ensure that people view this kind of thing in the context that people post idle and uninformed speculation for fun. And even for real stuff, companies change their minds - I could tell you some things that Samsung is working on (although I'd get sacked), but it wouldn't really help you with the product line estimates because everything changes so rapidly, and many prototypes don't turn into final products, at least without major changes. I'm sure Nikon is the same. I don't believe every "Canon 5D 2" rumour over a couple of years was false - I just think they tried a lot of prototypes before pulling the trigger. Anyone relying on any given bit of information would have been incorrect, and even when the 22MP rumours came out, I didn't believe them. (Nor did I believe the 36MP of the D800 until it was official, which shows what I know.) Caveat proto-emptor.
  12. The video mentions "in camera image stabilization." I find that hard to believe!
  13. How about Nikon d400 halloween party costume? Mingle with other fictional and fantastic characters?

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