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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by arthuryeo, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Since the resolution of the video mode is shot at 1280 x 720@ 24 fps, what does this actually mean when it comes to image coverage?
    Are the videos shot at FX or DX frame size or something else? How does it correlate to the crop factor?
  2. it utilizes the full sensor width but since it is a different aspect ratio from 2:3 the full sensor height is not used.
  3. I see ... so, is there any special framing aids in the viewfinder to guide the user where the cut-off is for the height?
  4. I'm guessing that you can monitor the video live in the LCD screen.
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    I have only used the video (movie) mode on the D5000 and D300s, not the D3s. You compose video with the back LCD similar to using live view. Typically I shoot 16:9 HD video, and the top and bottom of the LCD outside of the 16:9 area are grayed out when you switch from live view still capture to video.
    In the video mode, the entire width of the sensor is used as Ellis points out and then down sampled to 1280 pixels across. In the case of the D3s, the entire width of the FX sensor is used. It is not a 1280 x 720 center crop; therefore, there is no "crop factor" in that sense. However, the aspect ratio for the sensor is 3:2 while the video is 16:9, so there is a bit of cropping.
  6. Thanks, Shun.
    So, in other words, the viewfinder approach is not supported for video mode, then?
  7. When you think about it, you can look through the viewfinder before you start a movie, but when actually filming the mirror would have to be up! So, using the rear monitor screen is the only way to view video during capture. And as Shaun mentioned the active area is displayed, with the rest of the screen grayed out.
  8. Thanks, Paul, that made sense.
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    The attached images show the D300s' (again, not D3s) back LCD. Under noraml still image live view, the entire 3:2 image is displayed (top). During video recording as indicated by the red REC circle, the top and bottom of the LCD are grayed out, indicating that those areas are outside of the 16:9 video.

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