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  1. I am thinking about buying a used d300 camera. I have looked at one d300 camera, the back LCD screen of which showed internal
    streaks or wipe marks under bright light when the monitor was off--not on the surface of the screen, but behind the screen (I also saw
    this same streaking on the back LCD screen of a d200 camera). Recently, I contacted a seller on eBay to inquire about the
    condition of the screen of the d300 camera being offered for sale, and he replied that the screen did show such streaks. Are these streaks common on the d300 camera? The screen on my old d70, by way of comparison, is absolutely clear--free of streaks. Is it
    unreasonable to look for a used d300 camera without such streaks? Thanks. Bill
  2. Not unreasonable if it is important to you. I have mine for years and none has streaks.
  3. My D300 screen does not show anything like that, and I've never really seen it. Hard to say how common it could be but it should really be possible to find one without this occuring.
  4. Mine has no streaks
  5. Funny you brought this up. I recently sold my D300 and upon inspecting it prior to the sale, I noticed those streaks as well. The camera was pristine in every other way, and only had approximately 8,000 shutter actuations.
    I cleaned the LCD repeatedly and could not remove the streaks, they were on the underside of the glass and unable to be removed. You could only see them while the camera or LCD were turned off.
    Not sure what causes this, however I'm sure it's more widespread than people might imagine.
  6. Thanks, all.
  7. One of mine has the streaks. They are mostly visible when screen is off, I can hardly notice them when it's on. Solely cosmetic not functional problem for me.
  8. I have a similar problem with my 4 year old D700. Rather than streaks I have tiny spots under the LCD screen. My camera only has 8000 shutter actuations and has always had a GGS screen protector on it. If I ever have a problem with the camera and it needs servicing I plan to get the LCD replaced.
  9. I've also noticed those streaks on my D300's back LCD screen. They did not go away when I tried cleaning it with a huff of breath and clean soft cloth. Not sure what's causing it, but I am sure they do not affect your image quality. Its not caused by high picture count, my camera has just passed the 4000 picture mark - still going strong. Other than this, the D300 has been been a great camera, in my experience.
  10. A bit of web searching on this issue turns up a number of hits including this one...
    This discussion seems to indicate that a bit of humidity inside the camera is the cause of LCD smearing on the underside of the LCD glass. The 'cure' (at least partial) is to remove the lens and body cap, put the body in a sealed bag with a handful of silca gel packs (to absorb moisture), and let it set a while. This technique seems to produce an improvement in the situation.
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    The D300 that I recently gave to my son had the same problem. It didn't affect camera operation or even being to view things on the monitor. I had thought of having a camera shop look at it or sending it to Nikon, but never got around to it.
  12. Thanks again, everyone.

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