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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by errol_young, May 13, 2016.

  1. I usually shoot with D7000 or D7100 for money but recently I had to cover an event in a drizzle. I did not want to take them out in that so I looked at my older D300 that is better weather sealed.
    It did really well. I was going to sell it but I now have a use for it.
  2. The weather sealing has been a pet peeve of mine with the Nikon product. It is for that reason I kept my old Pentax K20D and K50. I have taken those two bodies where I dare not take my nikons to.
  3. Errol, I don't think you should take the "weather seal" for granted. I felt that my D700 was way better (or D3 for that matter), but I had a plastic sleeve on a stand-by....just in case I ran into some rain. Nikon, much like any other camera manuf would quickly point the finger at you for *abuse* and charge you at the discovery of swimming electronics. Sorry, but weather seal is not water-proofing. Nonetheless, you can continue to take chances...
  4. D300 rocks^^
  5. Thanks Leszek. I don't expect waterproofing in any camera. This was drizzle so the 300 was a better option.l
  6. My interpretation of weather sealed is "ok for light rain or mist". I have AquaTech and Nikon rain covers for both of my bodies when shooting football and rain is in the forecast. Water has a funny way of finding the smallest opening. And even if the weather sealing keeps all moisture out, by having a cover it is one less thing I have to do when I get home (wiping down and drying the body and lens). And besides, after you have spent $2000 - $6000 for a body and $2400 - $6000 for a lens, what is another $50 - $100 to add another layer pf protection?
  7. The D300 is a good camera! I use mine right alongside my D700. But I'm still as cautious about using it in wet weather as with any camera!
  8. In Seattle, we have a lot of misty or drizzly days, not so much pouring rain. (Sometimes at night.)
    But I only have a D200, not a D300.
  9. I use a D300 for nature photography when I need the extra 1.5x on my long lenses without having to give up a f/ stop with a TC. It is still a very viable camera as long as you keep the ISO at 400 or below. Much above that and things get a little "icky" when it comes to noise, especially in the lower values of the image.
    Keep in mind that "weather sealed" is a rather ambiguous term. It does not mean it is water proof by any means. But in light drizzle you might be able to get away with it for a little while but I would not push it much past that.

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