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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by dominicbyrne, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I am hoping to get out and shoot some star trail photography in the desert here in Dubai. Because of the very high
    temperatures and humidity I am probably limited to exposures of around 30 seconds maximum which means I need
    to take multiple exposures and use a stacking programme to create the image. Can anyone confirm whether the
    interval I need to set should be 1 second or 31 seconds? (Basically I need to keep the period between exposures to
    the minimum to avoid any broken trails).

    Assuming that I want to create an image from a 2 hour exposure do I set the intervals at 240 and the No. of shots as

    Any help or advice would be very gratefully received.

  2. Hi Dominic,
    I have been reading up on just this subject and have understood that the interval should be the beginning of one shot to the beginning of the next. You have to add to that the cameras writing and 'thinking' time which by all accounts is covered by 2-3 seconds.
    For the second part of the question I think it is (2x60x60)/30 = 240 frames of 30secs using interval of 33 secs.
    do I set the intervals at 240 and the No. of shots as 1? .... will result in 1 exposure of 240 mins or secs, depending which counter you put your 240 into.
    Btw, turn off long exposure NR or you'll have to add 33+ sec gap for the NR to work to your 33sec exposure interval.
    Good luck and tell us how that works.
  3. Dominic - If I understood you correctly, then you'll need to swap the settings you listed. To achieve 240 shots spaced apart by 1 sec, you need to set the interval to 1 sec, and the number of shots to 240 x 1 = 240 which yields a combined 2-hour exposure: 240 x 30s = 7200s.
  4. Thanks for the replies - not sure I am much the wiser really though as there seems to be so much confusion with the terminology.
    Does the camera really need the 2-3 seconds of "thinking time" and writing time? My concern with getting beyond 1 sec is that I may start getting breaks in the trails. If I get a chance I will experiment tonight before I go and see how it works.
    From what I have read the "Select Intervals" means number of intervals and the number of shots relates to how many images I want to take at each interval. I get the impression that this function is more geared towards time laspse photography over longer period and with a decent interval between shots.
    Any definitive help would stll be much appreciated - thank you
  5. You should try a simple test: set the interval to 00:00:01 (1s) and the number of shots to 004 x 1 then set the exposure time to 30s and you should get 4 shots, each 30s long, spaced 1s apart.
  6. Thanks - that is what I intend to do tonight and will report back!!
  7. I suspect that you found out that the interval value has to be set to 00:00:31 (31s) to work properly? When I use the intervalometer function, my exposure times are fractions of a sec so I don't have to consider them in the interval setting.
  8. The interval timer needs to be set at 33 secs (31 and 32 don't seem to work).
    The number of intervals is basically the number of pictures you want to take (240 in my case) x 1
    Thanks for your help

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