D300 Broken Multi-selector switch - how to change spot focus points

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by glenn_francis, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Nikon D300 - Multi-selector switch is broken off. - how can I use or program another button to change the spot focus points.
    Thanks.... Glenn
  2. Hi Glenn. I think you're in trouble. Except on the cameras with an additional AF joystick (like the D4/D5/D500), I'm not aware of a way to do it - it's not like Canons where you can use a command dial. The lack of multi-selector will cripple quite a lot of camera use, too (e.g. reviewing images), so it wouldn't be something I'd suffer longer than I had to.

    Depending on what exactly broke, it might not be a hugely expensive repair. But a used D300 isn't hugely expensive either (by modern DSLR standards) if you need to replace it. Sorry not to have a better suggestion.
  3. I think it can be done using the control wheels, at least through the menu. Reviewing images too.
  4. Glenn, there are third party D300 battery grips online for as low as $22.99. The battery grip also has a multi-selector that you can use. Probably the cheapest solution.
  5. The "joystick" selector switch on my D800 has become sloppy but still works. I looked into replacing it and it appears that a complete new camera back has to be bought and fitted. The switch doesn't seem to be available as a replacement part, nor its components.
    So I'll second Barry's recommendation to get a cheap battery grip and use the selector switch on the grip. Clumsy, but it works.
  6. Edward: you can navigate the menus with the control wheels, and you can scroll through images with them - but you can't move around an image that you're viewing (if you've zoomed in), which makes the image review a bit primitive. And I don't believe you can move the AF points with the control wheels; I did rummage in the D300 manual just in case it had something special for this.

    Good thought everyone with the battery grip - I should have thought of that. I'm glad Glenn has an option - especially if my guess about repair cost was optimistic!
  7. The Battery Grip! That might do it. Does anybody know? Thanks guys!
  8. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon's own MB-D10 does have its own mini multi-select pad. That solution may work, but I am not sure you want to use that tiny pad while the D300 is in the horizontal orientation.
    Used D300 are so inexpensive in the used market nowadays. You might consider replacement, perhaps with a newer model. Of course, the D300/D300S didn't have a direct successor until the D500 this year. Not sure moving to a D7x00 is something you want to consider.
  9. I have an intermittent fault with my d700 which replicates the joystick lock function for focus point selection. Annoying although it still works for image scrolling and menu selection. A good slap usually gets it working again which I prefer to the £200+ nikon wanted to repair it. My point for the op is that when I attach the grip during "fault mode" the fault applies to the grip control as well. You might want to test the grip idea before you buy.

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