D300 AF sensor layout

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  1. Can anyone point me to a diagram of which 15 of the D300 AF points are
    cross-type sensors? Also, is there any specification for the minimum f-stop and
    light required for each sensor to work?
  2. ShunCheung

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    In the Multi-CAM 3500, used on the D3 and D300, the 15 AF points in the center 3 columns (5 in each column) are cross type. AF is supposed to work with a maximum aperture at f5.6 or faster.
    In the image below, I put a red rectangle around the 15 cross-type AF points.
    On Page 353 of the D300 manual, it clearly specifies that if you add a TC-17E II or TC-20E II onto a tele that is maximum f4, e.g. the 300mm/f4 AF-S, AF is not supported, because f4 with a TC-17E II yields a maximum aperture of f6.7, and f4 with a 2x TC becames f8.
    In reality, I have used a TC-17E II on a 500mm/f4 AF-S, and I still get decent AF under bright sun light.

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