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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ralph_wilson, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. My apologies if this has been asked. I'm doing my homework after the
    fact. I switched to a D2x this weekend and shoot in raw. Is there a
    camera raw update to open the images in CS or do I need to go to CS
    2. I have Nikon Capture 4.2 and it works but I haven't completely
    made friends with it.
  2. i got a similar situation. i moved to CS2 and downloaded the ACR3.1(i guess ACR3.1 works on CS2 ony) and now it opens the raw files taken from my d70s camera.

    you better check this out
  3. CS2 with ACR 3.1 works well with D2X NEF, Capture 4.2 (now 4.3) does also. I too have not "falled in love" with Capture so I downloaded the 30 day demo version of CS2 and then updated ACR to 3.1 to see how the RAW conversion went (after all the comments about incripted WB data) and I find it works well. I then paid to upgrade Photoshop and use ACR 3.1 but you can give it a try now for "free" for 30 days by using the Adobe Demo Download (it is a full and real version, it is also a large file).
  4. Too, It is true that ARC 3.1 ONLY works in CS2 (I tried , just for fun, to get it to work in CS but to no avail). I am not sure I would have upgraded CS to CS2 just yet if it was not for the need for ACR 3.1 and the end of my 30 day trial period and my lack of excitment for Capture 4.2/3
  5. Sounds like a D2x and CS aren't going to happen. I thought I might be missing something. Guess not. Thanks for your help.
  6. EricM

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    i'm running both cs and cs2, and it's too bad that d2x files wont jive with cs as i still like some functions of browse over bridge.
  7. Adobe has absolutely no plans to continue adding support for new cameras to a product
    (Adobe Photoshop CS) that has been discontinued.

    If you don't want to upgrade to PsCS2, you have at least four options that I know of: Nikon
    View 4.3; Bibble Pro, Capture One, and dcraw.
  8. One of the ACR 3.1 downloads is bundled with a copy of the Adobe DNG converter. The DNG converter is a freestanding program (CS2 is not required) that allows you to convert NEF files (including D2X files) to Adobe's open DNG format. These can then be loaded into CS using ACR 2.4. Unfortunately, no Adobe product (not even ACR 3.1/CS2) preserves the 'as shot' white balance data (which Nikon has encrypted with the D2X).

    Incidentally, one alternative method is to download Nikon View 6.2.5/6.2.6, which comes with a (very basic) photoshop plugin (I imagine Capture includes this too), as well as the Nikon Editor (which can read NEFs and export to 16 bit .tiff). This preserves 'as shot' WB, but only gives you very limited control if you want to change it (Capture gives you more, of course).
  9. I tried dcraw and I found it to be impossible

    The only reason that a D70s won't open in CS with ACR 2.4 is the single "s" character in
    the file metadata.

    This can be easily stripped off with ExifTool. (on a mac anyway)
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    Here's a story about a guy that's been pulling his hair out for three weeks. I have a desktop and a laptop. I load CS2 onto both computers. I get, a few weeks later, the delivery of my new D2x. I run outside and take test shots on my new toy. Download onto my desktop and they wont open, of course. So off to the Adobe web site and get the latest plugin. Insert (a new location, by the way, than CS) the new plugin on both 'puters and weird, only my laptop will open and recognize the D2x nefs after failing on my desktop attempt. Frustrating? Absolutely. So, my preferred workstation being my desktop, I start to convert to the DNG format which works fine. But, and here comes the hair puller, files I shoot today on the D2x work fine now on the desktop, for some reason, but the ones I loaded before I installed the plugin wont. I'm not finished yet. So, to play with a few parameters, I decided to take a few of these 'unrecognizable's' from my desktop and drop through the network and onto my laptop where I know they'll be fine. I hit refresh in Browse on the laptop and then drag them back to the desktop and hit refresh. Guess what? They are for some anomaly reason now recognized.
  11. Ralph, don't forget Pixmantecs Rawshooter Essentials 2005. It will decode D2x and talks to Adobe thru Tiffs. http://pixmantec.com/

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