D2h: battery calibration?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by neil_swanson, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. I just bought a used D2h. The camera came with no manual so I can't
    read about the battery calibration. I've read mention of it and see
    it on the charger. I have 2 batteries.

    What is it, how and why do I do it?

  2. The battery charge indicator on the camera can be incorrect if the charging process is interrupted and restarted, or after many charges. The calibration button simply discharges the battery before applying a full charge.
  3. Register the camera with Nikon USA or whatever country you are in. Then download a manual.

    Nikon USA Knowledge Database

    European Support Centre, UK

    Nikon Canada’s Image Support Centre

    Now as to the battery calibration. The battery charger will tell you when a battery needs calibration. The information is stored in the battery itself. It’s a long process as the charger fully discharges the battery and recharges it. New information is stored in the battery and this process should not need to be done again for some time.

    How to prolong lithium-based batteries

    How to charge - when to charge table

    You can also buy a paper copy of the D2H manual and Nikon may sell or give you “road map” style manuals for the EN-EL4 battery pack and MN-21 Quick Charger. Nikon USA charges about $10.00 plus shipping and handling for camera manuals. It should come to something close to $15.00.


    Dave Hartman.

    Do not recalibrate a battery unless the charger tell you it needs it. It's lengthy so do it over night.

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