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  1. I shoot RAW with the D200 and am confused about the White Balance numbers "as
    shot" that appear in Photoshop CS2 ACR. Nikon list the color temperature for
    flash as 5400 degrees with a tint of ?, but when I use this setting on the
    camera, take a flash picture, and open the NEF file with ACR it list the color
    temperature as 6150 with a tint of -9.

    When I preset the white balance using a Kodak Gray Card and then take a flash
    picture using the Preset Value and open the NEF file I get a color temperature
    ot 6350 with a tint of +6. If I take a flash picture of the Gregtag Macbeth
    Color chart using this setting and open the NEF file with ACR, the measured
    values of the grey step chart have values of R=G=B within 1 to 2 units if Pro
    Photo RGB is selected as the profile.

    If you select flash in Photoshop ACR, you get a color temperature of 5500 with
    a tint of 0, which is close to what Nikon list for flash.

    I searched the site, but did not find anything about this.

    Anyone have any comments on this?
  2. <p>Flash color temperature is not stable, depending on the duration of the burst of light, it
    may be a little warmer or colder. Apparently, the flash and camera body exchange data and
    the camera uses this data to compute the white balance.<br>In my own shooting, I have
    noticed that the reported temperature changes when working with flash.
  3. I understand that the color temperature can change, but if I set the Camera White Balance to flash the camera should use a fixed value since it does not measure white balance. Nikon indicates this value is 5400 degrees, but ACR list it as 6150 with a tint of -6. I don't understand this.
  4. As I said, it measures. The temperature of the flash varies depending on the duration of the
    flash burst. Modern cameras communicate this.

  5. Ben, I measured the color temeprature with the camera set to flash and shot two pictures - one with the flash and the second without flash mounted. The "as shot" color temperature shown with Photoshop CS2 ACR are the same. The value is 800+ degrees larger than Nikon list in the manual. I don't see this much difference with the other values selected - daylight, tungsten, cloudy, etc.

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