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  1. I've got a line on a used D200. How can I check the shutter count?

  2. You can download Opanda Exif Viewer from http://www.opanda.com/en/iexif/index.html
    All you have to do is format a CF card in the camera, take a photo, upload it to your computer and start Exif reader. In the Exif Reader you will OPEN your photo you just took. Way down the amazing list of data you will see a Shutter Releases category which will tell you the approximate number of shutter releases this camera has had. It will be innacurate if the shutter has been replaced or the camera has been into Nikon service prior to you recieving it.
  3. Thanks Rlaph, but I don't have a Windows computer.
  4. Thanks Ralph...39585 frames in just over a year....thanks for asking Dan

  5. Nikon replaced the main electronics board in my D70, and was careful to re-enter the actuation count into the non-volatile memory, thus preserving the original shutter count of the camera.

    They had full obligation to do that, since the shutter mechanism was not affected by the repair.

    I am not sure what is the Nikon policy on preservation of original shutter counts, if the shutter was replaced. In this case it would make sense to start counting again from zero. Anyone knows that ?
  6. Dan, email me a basic JPG from the camera and I'll tell you the shutter count here.
  7. And if the camera, is a F5, how can I do the same?
  8. Dan, exiftool is THE package for reading exif information - http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/

    Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, you name it.
  9. BTW, ExitTool can read exif from any format including raw and is also useful when you want to extract the jpeg previews from the raw file.
  10. Thanks Peter, I downloaded it and it runs in the Terminal Window, but I can't seem to get it
    to open (or look at) a file. Can you give me an exemplary command line to read the exif
    for a .jpg that is on the Mac OS desktop?

    I'll continue scratching my head.
  11. Ralph, I downloaded the Opanda as you suggested Dan do, but I must be doing something wrong. I can't find a Shutter Count anywhere. What am I doinig wrong guys? John
  12. Dan,<br>
    Don't know if you solved it but otherwise type:<br>
    cd ~/Desktop<br>
    exiftool image.jpg<br>
  13. The terminology for a D2X, D2H, D200, D80, D70, D70S in Opanda Exif is "Total Number of Shutter Releases for Camera" and is located 5 to 8 rows from the bottom on the EXIF tab. I couldn't find that info in EXIF data for the Canon EOS 30D or Nikon D100.
  14. In Answer to Frank's information, Nikon does not preserve the ZERO count on a replaced shutter unless specifically asked to. The technicians will usually tell you that they have no idea of the shutter cycle count as it is not part of the Nikon Diagnostic Program that is run on your camera. I always replace the shutter and the Mirrorbox together as they both take the same beating and I feel, should be at the same cycle count.(I am a Camera Reepairman and Professional Photographer) Sooner or later the Mirror assembly will give out if your shutter has already gone. The 150,000 0r 300,000 Tested cycle count does not mena a thing if you have are in the business of shooting for Marathon Foto where I have seen their photographers zip through one 1 Gig card after another, shooting 1800 shots per card on a D2h at 6 frames a second on continuous mode for several hours, racking up 10,000 to 16,000 exposures in one race.
    The shutter takes a beating and will only last 50,000 to 80,000 exposures under those brutal conditions. You should always ask what kind of Photography teh camera was used for before buying used.
  15. Peter, thank you so much. Worked like a champ. There's an amazing amount of data in
    the EXIF file. Best of all, it's only got 1771 shutter count.
  16. "...racking up 10,000 to 16,000 exposures in one race.
    Makes me glad I don't have to proof/edit for a living.
  17. Peter, I am not having any luck with getting the exiftool to read the exif data. I can drag and drop the .jpg and get the meta data, but I don't see any shutter activation info. Can you elaborate for me how to access this? Thanks, Joe.
  18. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Exif data window. The name for the parameter is "Total Number of Shutter Releases for Camera," which is long. I would widen the "Entry" column so that you can see the entire name. Left click on the column boundry (red circle) and drag on it to make the column wider.
  19. Shun, thanks!! I was using the download that Peter pointed to. I downloaded the oPanda and it worked perfect. It shows several more releases (1132 after vs. 821 before) after the repair. Not terrible but it makes me curious as to the explanation. But thanks again for the good help! Joe
  20. I tried following the steps Peter explained but I still don't come up with anything on the shutter releases for my D200 in the EXIF info. I am thinking that there are two things that could be going wrong:

    1. When I had an issue with the shutter about 6 months ago they replaced the mechanism and somehow shut off the recording of EXIF info relating to shutter releases.

    2. I am not following the steps properly or I just can't see for looking.

    I have an Intel iMac and so the Opanda software doesn't work.

    Any ideas? I wouldn't mind knowing what my camera has done.
  21. Try http://regex.info/exif.cgi and "browse" and "view image. Search for "Shutter count". If not found, then your image is edited.
  22. Thanks for that Ger, yes "Jeffrey's Exif Viewer", on the link you posted, works well.

    When I first tried it I found that it provides heaps of information on one of my images like shutter speed, F Stop and focal length and much more but no reference to shutter count.

    I had dragged the image out of iPhoto (the programme into which the photo was imported from the camera) so I guess it could have lost the info in that transfer. Hence it didn't show the shutter information.

    So I took another low resolution photo (quicker to upload into the exif website link) and uploaded it to 'Jeffrey's Exif Viewer' directly from the camera memory card. That worked! I can see the shutter count is just over 18000 now and heaps more life left in my camera. Another excuse to upgrade down the drain.

    I am not sure why the Shutter Count info wasn't in the image I dragged out of iPhoto. When I sent a photo dragged from iPhoto to a person with the Opanda software on a PC they were able to read it without too much trouble and sent me back the count.

    Man, this is a lot more complicated than I had expected. Its the sort of information that can be important to the camera owner and should be accessible through the camera menu system ... one would think. Thank goodness there are guys like Jeffrey around to provide a website that does just that.

    Thanks once again Ger for the help.
  23. Another route: Open a raw (NEF) file in Photoshop CS3.

    File... File Info... Advanced... http://ns.adobe.com/exif/1.0/aux/ (middle of the list, click the disclosure triangle).

    The line "ImageNumber" is the number of shutter actuations.

    -=- Rick
  24. I had also some problem finding my Nikon D200's shutter count.
    Solution/ tip: make sure you load an UNPROCESSED image into OPANDA. Any processing (like rotation/resize ect) might delete the shutter count information.
    In Opanda you'll find the shutter count under the SUMMERY tab, 6th row from the bottom
    (eg Total Number of Shutter Releases for Camera = 6807)
    All the best.
  25. All Mac users have Preview, the default image viewer. Open your shot in Preview, press Cmd+I (or choose Tools > Inspector). Most of the EXIF data is there. For shots taken with my D200, ShutterCount is on the Nikon tab. Lots of other data is on the Exif tab. Take a look!
  26. Thanks Don, yes the shutter count does come up easily from using Preview as you have described. It works fine. Just need to remember not to let iPhoto to import the photos because it wipes all that information from the image data. Still don't know why Nikon doesn't have shutter count as a menu item though.
    Thanks again
  27. One easy way to get the shutter actuation count is to use Picasa to organise your pics. Left click on the picture then click "properties" - shutter count is indicated towards the bottom of the list of properties. My D200 has about 14,200 so just a baby!

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