D200 problem with mirror up and shutter

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by bwcombs, May 25, 2009.

  1. I did an extensive search to see if this issue had been discussed, but found none.

    My D200 will now only work in a funky "mirror up" mode. When you press the shutter release, the mirror comes up, the viewfinder is blackened, and the shutter works as always. All in one step. This happens in any shooting mode. (Unlike the normal mirror up command, which allows you to press shutter to move mirror up, then followup with a second shutter release to capture the image.)

    I've replaced batteries, cleaned all contacts, reset the default, changed lenses, gone through all possible shutter settings, and all shooting modes. I've gone through all the modes of single, continuous, mirror up, timed, etc. The camera captures the image, the exposure is spot on, everything looks good. But every shot is prefaced by the mirror going up, viewfinder going black followed by the shutter movement capturing the image.
    It is akin to the feeling you get when shooting at a very slow shutter speed, but your shutter is set for 1/250 or faster.

    Has anyone experienced this dilemna?
  2. Go to Custom Setting Menu, option d 'shooting display', to 'Exposure Delay Mode' and turn this off.
    It introduces 0.48 seconds of settling time after shutter push to defray vibrations.
  3. Thanks Jim, that was on my checklist as well. This problem happens when the delay exposure mode is on or off. I'm afraid that a trip to Nikon repair is in order.
  4. Update: I reinstalled (reupdated) firmware, v 2.01. That did the trick. Go figure.

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