D200, does it still take two months to get one?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by danny_e, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. I am brand new to photo.net, and intersested in getting the D200.
    I have read there is still a wait to get them. I have checked on amazon.com
    and ritz camera website and they both say they have them in stock. Am i
    missing something, if i go through the whole process of ordering it, is it
    going to tell me they are on back order? I live in an area where there are no
    good photo shops around just wallmart, so i can't just walk in a store and
    order one. So i guess i'm stuck ordering one online and driving about 100
    miles to go get it, since UPS tends to leave packages at my house exposed to
    the elements and i would hate for it to get stolen or rained on. Anyway i
    guess i just want to know how long and the best way to get the Nikon D200
    thank you
  2. I happened to just see that BH Photo has them in stock.
  3. As well as Blue Stripe Photo w/free shipping
  4. So do Adorama and KEH
  5. I live in the L.A. area and most of the stores have the cameras in stock. Some of the lenses thought such as the 28-200 are still about 9 wks out.
  6. Any Nikon dealer that wants them currently has D200 bodies and D200/18-70mm kits sitting on their shelves. Incredibly, spare EN-EL3e batteries are still badly backordered. 18-200mm VR lenses are also badly backordered, though some stores have D200/18-200mm kits in stock- i.e. B&H.
  7. You know I've been waiting for about 4 months now for my 18-200 vr. I have been lucky in that I have a friend that lets me barrow his {grudgingly} once in a while. I list it in my equipment file because I have paid for my in full and am just waiting and waiting and waiting. Since I own it on paper I guess its ok. Well that was a windy paragraph over nothing, Sorry, Just wanted to get it off my chest. Thanks

  8. Uh. No.

    Why would you ask us when you could just go to the good ol' google and find several vendors them them in stock.

    Grr.. I guess you don't have Google?
  9. Why so harsh?

    Google isn't the answer to everything. If you check out some of the customer service threads
    on photo.net, you'll see plenty of accounts of people who found something "in stock" on the
    website, only to have the story change when they tried to order.
  10. Danny,

    If you'll just pick up the phone and call a reputable seller... they'll be able to help you with
    the D200. Either that or email them.

    I'd highly recommend MidWest Photo Exchange (http://www.mpex.com/) The large format
    community regularly deals with Jim (jim@mpex.com) and he's as honest as the day is long!
    Truly a great guy to deal with.



    Having a great day are we? :)

    Life is far too short to get worked up over trivial matters such as whether someone uses
    Google or not! Besides, Google doesn't contain updated information on whether a
    particular camera happens to be in stock or not.

    Anyway, I hope your day gets better! :)

  11. Danny, I just bought one last Thursday at Peace Camera in Raleigh, NC while there on business. They also had a spare battery that someone had ordered and not picked up in two months, so I got that, as well. They had another body that had just come in. No kits, though.
  12. No problems in Toronto. Lots of spare batteries too.

    There IS a wait for the 18-200 VR though.


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