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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by wogears, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. So I bought a D200. I love it, and it does everything I need, except... I have both my D70 and D200 set to display the image after shooting. On the D70, I get a blinking highlight warning. It's not perfect (too conservative, IMO) but it's helpful. I cannot figure out how to do this on the D200. Yes, I read the manual. I can do this in Playback mode, but not on the quick image review. Obviously, I'm missing something simple, but what is it?
  2. After you take the shot and when the review image is on the back screen, you can toggle through various interpretations by pressing the bottom arrow of the arrow pad to the right of the screen. The first option will show your histogram, and doing it again will reveal the highlights. Keep scrolling and you'll see other options as well.
  3. Yes what BW said, when the image pops up push down on the arrow pad and shuffle through the different options.
  4. Personally I like the one that shows the separate levels curve for each color channel
  5. You have to add these to the D200 when you first set it up. I was dismayed when I first powered up my new D200 and it didn't have all the settings on the screen for histogram, etc. There is a menu where you add these options. On the D300/700 they are enabled by default.
  6. Pretty sure my D300 with 1.10 firmware did not have histogram display turned on as a default - you might want to check the playback menu.

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