D200 b/w not recognized by ACR?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hique, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. I was just playing with the B/W mode in the D200, shooting nef.

    The Windows system recognizes the B/W mode (thumbnails). Nikon Capture does it
    too. But Adobe Camera Raw simply ignores it. Acdsee ignores it too.

    When I open the B/W picture on ACR I got a normal color image.

    The "Optimize Image" settings like Vivid, More vivid seem also be ignores by
    some programs (ACR and ACDSee)

    Is this correct? Do I need to install something else?

    It's not really a problem since I prefer to shoot everything in default and
    then do the post-processing, but it still bugs me that some softwares can
    not "see" the setting diferences made in camera.

    Color Space is ok. "Optimize Image" settings are ignored. Is "Color Mode" also
    ignored by ACR.

    Just wondering if this is happening just with me.

  2. I believe that what you're seeing is normal for ACR, it ignores most in-camera settings except for WB and color space.
  3. Shoot in JPG if you want to keep the Black and White from the camera.

    I prefer, like you, to shoot color and make images I think warrant it black and white during post processing. :) Having the color image is a nice feature when you're making something black and white.
  4. Marcio,

    >>The Windows system recognizes the B/W mode (thumbnails).

    in fact it doesn't. It only shows the embedded thumbnail which has been created by the camera.

    Unfortunately you're right about ACR; it ignores the 'optimize image' settings.


  5. Thanks everyone for the responses.

    Specially to peter for the great insights about raw. I understand how RAW works but your comments about SDK's and universal DNG format are really new and interesting to me.

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