d200 and sb-600 images underexposed in wireless mode

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by tejas, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. im at a complete loss and nikon tech support was no help either. im trying to
    use my sb600 off camera and my images come out very underexposed. the sb600
    does fire so i believe ive got all of the commander mode settings correct.
    with the sb600 mounted on the camera it works perfect in ttl. nikon says this
    is basically not possible that it works correctly on camera and fires off
    camera but incorrectly. i suspect but dont know for sure that the sb600 is
    firing AFTER the shutter has already closed. i appresiate any help i can get.
    thanx all.
  2. David iTTL is a complex thing. But if you add off camera triggering it gets even more complex. There are just so many possibilities for problems turning up - not to mention user error. So you need to give all details and show example images with EXIF data.

    If you say TTL you think of iTTL?
    It works perfect on camera - did you try to use the flash right next to the camera when using it "off camera" - just to rule out geometry factors.
    How much underexposure is "very" underexposed. 1/3 of an f stop or 10?
    Use a tripod and shoot the LCD panel of the flash in remote mode so we can see the display.

    I own a SB800 but it is similar to the SB600. Usually the remote iTTL works - when it works its just amazing. If it does not work it can be very confusing :-( Especially since the flash menu is not very intuitive.
  3. Since your SB-600 fires remotely, perhaps is already set as a remote flash ? - confirm that, channel, group A or B ?

    Your built-in flash must therefore be set as a commander, on the same channel as the Remote flash, and a group A or B - confirm that.

    Then you could compensate your remote flash exposure on the commander, if really everything else is set properly.

    Recently released book "Nikon AF Speedlight Flash System" from Macic Lantern Guides, though is far from perfect, is most complete up to date, and describes many shooting scenarios, and step by step procedured to use them.
  4. A number of us have experienced the same thing with CLS/iTTL. I don't know why, but I sure would like to know. I just dial in +1 flash compensation on the camera body with the little button on the left side of the prism (some use +0.7).
  5. Had the same problem with an SB-800, turned out I had the SB-800 in SU-4 mode, when I wanted Remote mode...
  6. thanx for your suggestions, i think im doing everything right but who knows. its not underexposing by just an f stop or so. you cant see the image at all unless you open it in p.s. and lighten it-a lot, and thats probably only the ambient light enabling you to see it then. gonna attempt to upload 4 images. two are my camera and flash settings (sorry for the quality, shot them with my wifes d-p&s) the other two are from the d200, one in ittl with sb600 mounted on camera and one (black) where i attempted to slave it. im sorry for being a newb but i dont know what exif data is. things ive already tried: went over all the settings at kenrockwell.com made sure pop up flash is up made sure flash is aiming at same object as centerpoint of viewfinder made sure channel on sb600 matches d200 made sure im behind and on battery side of sb600 so it can see the d200 preflashes. thanx again.
  7. gonna have to post one at a time it looks like.
  8. next one
  9. last one
  10. im sorry for being a newb but i dont know what exif data is
    No prob, it was all new to all of us at one time or another. Here's a link to a definition and an example:
    In plain terms, an EXIF header that hasn't been stomped on by some other software leaves a trail of 'forensics' describing what your settings were, what modes you were in, etc. It's helpful for troubleshooting questions like yours.
    It looks like your EXIF is intact on your last photo posted (only one I examined).
  11. David,
    I'm having a similar problem with a D200/SB800 set-up. The discussion is here. On camera, no problem. Off camera, the SB800 underexposes by about a stop. I sent sample photos of the problem to Nikon, USA. Nikon USA has kicked the problem to Nikon, Japan. I am still waiting for an answer.
    Ricardo Lago
  12. again, thanx for you folks help. i turn it up the full 3 f stops and the reults are the same. what makes it so confusing, is that the sb600 is firing. i think its either firing out of sync, or with such low output that its not illuminating the subject enough to get anything other than a black image. ive tried in all modes p a s m. the sb600 works perfectly ok mounted on camera. i think im going to send it back since the reason i bought it was to use it off camera.

    thanx again
  13. Try taking a picture of the flash.

    This will prove that the flash is really firing, and that it is in-synch with the shutter.



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