D1x mirror stuck auto focus not working please help

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by john_crim, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I just got a Nikon D1x on an online auction,(mint condition, could not test,
    yeah right) but it does look unused. The problems are the mirror only opens
    about a third of the way, and the auto focus does not work, it gives me the
    double arrows in the viewfinder.Every thing else seems fine. Any clues on how
    to unstick the mirror?
  2. Do you have the manual? If you do, look at the section for the mirror lockup feature. On my F5 Nikon still used a mechanical linkage for the mirror lockup and having that lever partially turned would cause the problem that your describing.
  3. The camera is not working properly. Make sure the battery is charged. If that's not the cause, return the camera and get your money back. There are plenty of used D1x cameras in good to excellent condition (q.v., http://www.keh.com). If you can't send it back and it's a US camera, send it to Nikon in Torrance, CA for repairs. If it's not an official import, send it to Nikon in Japan ($$$).

    The cleaning mirror-lockup function won't cause this problem. Furthermore, that function only works with the EH-5 AC adapter.
  4. Don't panic. Mine freaked and geeked too when I got it. I'll bet dollars to donuts it's the battery. Did it come with Nikon batteries? Did you refresh and charge them? A good battery should cure the problem. If they are the Nikon batteries you may get some more life out of them by refreshing 3X but I would still go to BatteryBarn and get theirs. $39.00 shipped a year guarantee and 2400mAh vs. 2000. They work great no issues and they fit and lock in better than the Nikon issue and the end caps are fine.

    Don't be turning it on and off while during a shoot, this uses up the battery faster. Just let it do it's sleep mode thing as it's an instant wakeup when needed.

    I've had mine for several months now and am loving it. Fantastic colors, contrast and detail. I shoot only RAW in manual mode so don't know how the other stuff works. But very little PPing is necessary for a straight shot. Some folks say that it under exposes about 1/2 stop. I'm guessing they shoot jpg in one of the program modes. I haven't seen this and my meter is about spot on.

    I've printed 13X19 with great results on my R1800 and would hesitate to go bigger.

    Good luck,

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