D100 auto focus control panel

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by bunny_arms, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Hi-
    I am trying to change the auto focus mode on my D100. The control panel screen, has the single area brackets, but they are in the top portion of the box. What does this mean, how do you place the bracket in the center of the focus mode display box?
  2. Bunny.... Once you have selected single area mode, you use the 4-way rocker on the back to select the focus point you want (after pressing the shutter button halfway).
  3. Be sure the 4 way rocker switch is unlocked. There is a switch just below the 4 way rocker that locks/unlocks the rocker switch. You also have to be sure the metering is active (by pushing the shutter release 1/2 way down) before you can switch focus points.
  4. Pressing the middle of the rocker switch will center the focus indicator. I usually leave mine locked there because I seem to bump it when I use the camera.

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