D100 + 50/1.8AF puzzle

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by steve_fu, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. D100 + 50/1.8AF puzzle

    I mounted the Nikon 50mm/1.8 AF (non-D) on D100 today by mistake and unearthed
    a mystry!

    What happens is that the shutter almost never fires when I focus at a remote,
    contrasty object, say the skyline more than 500 feet away. Because the focusing
    indicator is not on! But the lens does move and I can tell from the viewfinder
    that it is actually focused. It appears that lens doesn't send the focus info
    back to the camera. I use single area AF. The problem stays no mather which of
    the five AF sensors I use.

    However, it works fine when I point to an closer object ( within 100 feet) or a
    less contrasty object. That is the reason I never ran into that before in
    years. I always use the 50/1.8 indoor as a portrait lens.

    What puzzles me is that other lenses works fine on D100. And the 50/1.8 also
    works fine on N80 at infinity! I already cleaned the electrical contacts on
    both D100 and 50/1.8. But it didn't make any difference!

    Any ideas?


  2. You can work around it with shooting in AF-C, or setting AE/AF-L to AF-ON and shooting in
    don't think you can disable focus priority on the D100.
  3. Try... AE-L/AF-L to AE Lock Hold.

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