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  1. My D-700 has had continued problems from purchase with CF card CHA error. I purchased the camera in 2009 from Adorama and sent the camera in to the Nikon El Suguendo service center to address the problem. The camera was checked and returned to me at no charge during the warranty period. The Service tech did a cleaning and basic service and sent along a list of approved cards with a note instructing me to format my CF cards with my PC. I took the camera down to my local dealer and we found a San Disk 8GB/15MB/S card that I have been using ever since. The not so funny thing is my old D 200 will run 16GB/30MB/S cards no problem. I have tried to upgrade firmware but still no luck. It seems that any card over 15MB/S is too much for my D 700 to handle. Just a little frustrating for such an expensive camera. The cards will not format as well in the camera. When I tried to update the firmware It took 3 attempts before the camera responded to the upgrade on the CF card, but as I stated earlier still no luck with the CHA problem. So my camera is now out of warranty and on its way back to The El Suguendo Nikon service center. Any one else out there have this problem or was I just the lucky one?
  2. With a couple of D700 bodies, I've yet to have any CF card problems. The 8Gb card should keep you busy for a couple of hundred images. Unfortunately, the 16Gb cards (and larger...) were not on the market when the D700 came out. You, your choice here, may find a number of 8Gb CF cards, or go for a Nikon D3x/D3s body...and gain the larger CF card size you require.
    ...as for formatting a CF card in your computer, that would be against what the instruction booklet suggests: format your CF card in the D700.
  3. I've been using 8GB cards from Sandisk (60MB/s) and Transcend (300x) for months in my D300 without any problems, and since a couple of weeks a 16GB Sandisk (60MB/s) as well. I've had my D300 almost since it was introduced.
    I always upgrade the firmware as soon as I'm aware there is an upgrade to be had.
    I can't think why your D200 would run a card that your D700 will not. Have you tried looking at the pins behind your camera's memory card door? Do they look the same as the ones in your D200? No bent or missing pins?
  4. Currently I'm using Sandisk Extreme 8GB and 16GB 60MB/s cards in my D700...no problems.
    Rather than formatting the card in your PC, format in camera...see if that helps.
  5. My D700 handles 16 gig cards without a problem on firmware version 1.02. This firmware should allow use with 64 gig cards according to Nikon, but the largest cards I have are 16 gig. My D700 also works fine with 30 MB/s (200x) cards and slower. It should work equally well with faster cards, but again I can't confirm this personally.
    "I have tried to upgrade firmware but still no luck." Does this mean that the firmware failed to upgrade, or that the fault remained after the firmware was upgraded?
    Mark, if you're not running firmware 1.02 then you need to upgrade it. If the firmware is up-to-date then you either have a faulty card or faulty camera. Also, have you tried a two-button reset of the camera?
    PS. Ignore Nikon's compatibility list. The camera should work with any old make of card and not just the expensive one's that Nikon recommend.
  6. I got the same message on my new D70. Seems the card bent a pin in the camera. Take a light and look in and see if there is a bent pin. Never, never take a CF card out of a camera.
  7. "Never, never take a CF card out of a camera."
    What strange advice. I remove and replace cards all the time in my D100, D200 and D700 cameras. What do you do if a card is full when in the field?
  8. "Never, never take a CF card out of a camera."
    This is ridiculous. The usual recommendation is to use a card reader to transfer images. This involves removing and replacing the card. Cards are removed and replaced in cards all the time without bending pins.
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    The D700 should work with all sorts of CF cards without problems. I have used all sorts of fast and slow cards from 512M to 16G on mine.
    My suggestion to the OP is that let Nikon know the original problem was never completely fixed under warranty. Maybe they'll give you a break on the current repair.
  10. I have been using a Sandisk 16GB 30MB/s for a while now. I have formated in camera and on the PC. I usually take the card out and use a reader. I think you should talk to Nikon about this. Have them get the update on it as well. Send the trouble CF in as well.
  11. There is one possibility that is not pleasant, but a deal better than a bad D700. A bad or phony card, or perhaps not formatted correctly in a computer, which can happen depending on the operating system and the settings used.
    I have lots of different Sandisk CF cards, all from B&H, and they all have worked like a charm in my D700, D300, D70s and a Canon point and shoot.
    (Curious why it seems to have taken a long time to get back to Nikon service after their "fix" appearednot to work. Since the warranty was accessed during the warranty period, and perhaps not fixed, there may still be a warranty claim dating from the first request to repair which is yet unfulfilled. Fast complaints are more persuasive than slow responses. Secondly, there may be an extended warranty claim available on your credit card if within two years of the purchase date using that card. But, legal tactics are not my point here.)
    There are two possibilities. It is the D700 or it is the CF card. Since the D700 passed muster at Nikon services, there is the distinct and likely possibility that experienced, trained technicians just might know their business, and the camera itself was just fine. Perhaps.
    As to the CF card, its lineage is traceable only to a camera store. Other than that, what tests of it have been done? Have known good cards from other persons been swapped and tried in the camera? Formatted on someone else's computer? Pictures of the counterfeits of Sandisk CF cards on the web which I have seen appear to be virtually indistinguishable from the real deal. How about sending the card into Sandisk to see what they say? A purchase from B&H (a volume Sandisk dealer) or other reputable source might be a good test as well.
  12. Thanks to all for your replies and help. It's good to know so many D 700 owners are having no problems with many different types of CF cards. Last Friday I sent my camera off to the Nikon Service Center in El Suguendo, CA. I included 3 cards, my old trusty 8GB that has worked well. A 2GB that has also worked and a 4GB that works in my D-200 and my new D-300s but will not work in my D-700. I included copies of the paperwork from the 1st service attempt I made under the warranty period. The repair order shows the camera has had CF problems from the start. My feeling is I was sold a faulty camera and Nikon failed to trouble shoot and repair or replace under the warranty period. I am hoping it all works out. I'll keep you all posted.
    Thanks Again
  13. I had a D700 with the same error - got it home - put in battery and card and boom CHA error - no matter what card I used or where it was formatted.
    Took it back to the dealer and got an exchange - no problems since.
    As for the "never remove the CF " - Sometimes that just isn't practical advice - Opps have to stop your wedding now while I downlead these iamges to computer. I don't think so... I've changed hundreds, if not thousands of CF cards must on the run, several in the dark and have never had an issue
  14. Did you ever get word back from Nikon about what the issue was? I'm experiencing the same exact problem with my D700. I can use older, slower cards just fine but anything faster than 15mb/s won't work all of a sudden. I'd appreciate any info you might have.

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