Cybersync radio remote and Elinchrom lights

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by mark_rush|1, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if i can use cybersync wireless remote with my Nikon D300 and Elinchrom lights. And do i need a reciver for each light . Cheers.Mark
  2. yes
    You might also need appropriate cables from CS to Elinchrom
  3. My CS's came with the cables I needed to use with my Elinchrom 400BX's.
    They work fine...
  4. Yes.
    If lights have optical slave triggering, no. Otherwise, yes.
    You'll get the cables you need with the CyberSyncs.
  5. I believe that most all monolights will disable the optical slave when a sync cable is plugged in. So a Cybersync, when attached by a sync cable, disables the built in optical sensor. A quick read of the light's manual will be the determining information. I think John is pretty much wrong in saying "If lights have optical slave triggering, no."
  6. Sorry John, I tried to add to my reply but ran out of time to edit.
    If John meant to say that a radio slave is not needed when a built in optical sensor is present, his post is correct. But a radio slave is the preferred way to ensure "privacy' of your lighting. In a wedding situation, optical sensors let everybody with a flash use your lighting. Radio slaves prevent that.
  7. My Elinchrom 400BX's still allow manual turn on of optical slaves when my CS's are plugged in.
    Whether they will trigger that way is another.
    Easy for me to test later on...
  8. Hi everyone, thanks for your replys. Im going to order a transmitter and reciever today. Cheers.Mark

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