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  1. With my 3.5e came a plate adapter back with two cut sheet film holders. I now am trying to figure out how exactly they are to be used. It seems I've got on part more than shown in the manual. From back to fore these are:
    1. the back of the holder with the turning key
    2. (attached to 1) the carrier that comes forward when the key is turned
    3. a black plate the size of a film sheet that slides sideways in and out the carrier (as the sheets do)
    4. the black slide that covers the film
    What is the black slide (#3) for? The illustration in the manual just shows the carrier behind the film.
  2. Wim,
    The plate adaptor was meant for either glass plates or sheet film. (The author of one of my books smartly remarks that colour photography is not possible using glass plates, so in that case there is no alternative to moving to film!)
    The cassettes are spring loaded to bring the plate or film into the film plane of the camera. Obviously glass plates are thicker than film. Therefore a sheet film insert was provided only to be used with sheet film to make sure the cassette works properly. I suppose the extra things are the sheet film inserts.
    Checking my adaptor kit I noticed that the sheet film inserts are missing so I cannot positively identify them.
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