Custom size aluminum prints for outdoors - source?

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  1. I need to find a source to get some prints done on aluminum. They need to be a custom size (9.5" x 12.0"). And they need to hold up in an outdoor mounting where they will be exposed to the weather. So far I have not found a company to do that work for me. Any suggestions? BTW, that custom size is important. They may be going into some existing frames and need to be that size to fit.
  2. Can the project accommodate prints on paper, mounted to aluminum and treated for weather resistance - polyurethane, etc.? Otherwise photogravure might be a solution. I've seen cemetery memorial markers that use a photo engraving type process on metal - it seems to be pretty long lasting stuff.
  3. Check this guy's site out...
    Email him to see if he knows of any printers that will fit your specific needs.
    Just found this...
  4. This company also produces metal prints:
  5. It's the weatherproof that is the crux. "Indoor" metallic prints may not be at all resistant to rain and such.
    If none of the above work out, try calling someone in your area involved in park displays and the like -- they may have a source.
  6. Why not just get some printed at the next size larger and then just cut them down?
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    Here is a list of sources for printing on aluminum. Bay Photo, referenced by Tim Lookingbill above, is in the list, but there are numerous others. There is more information on the same website, they produce materials used for printing on metal.
  8. Prints on aluminum won't hold up outside under sunlight. If you are serious, check out -- for a solution, they can do it all.

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