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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by Sandy Vongries, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. Sandy Vongries

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    A variety of fine features have vanished, other things are "broken" with no explanation or apparent plan for repair. All of these factors have diminished the value and interest in membership. There has been no viable route to communicate with the site owners. I suggest the following as a course of action toward the goal of achieving communication and rehabilitating
    All members who are dissatisfied with current conditions should consider posting a brief message, directed to Ownership describing broken, missing, or dysfunctional features important to them that reduce the value of their subscription. They might consider doing the same regularly on whatever schedule makes sense to them until improvement is seen. At the same time, reducing participation could be another tool to gain attention, and hopefully return to full functionality.

    Should this initiative turn out to result in my removal, all the best moving forward to friends and foes alike.

    Sandy Vongries
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  2. Sandy, your message is quite gutsy and reflects your integrity. Bravo!
  3. PN seems to bee ownerless.
  4. Going to a subscription model may not tilt the finances against the lack of advertisers, I'm no economist, but I'd be happy to tithe for the pleasure of continuing here.
    For some, obviously their expectations may not be met for functionality, but as a basic site it's great.

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