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Discussion in 'Travel' started by stella_blunt, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Hi , I am shooting a job in Cuba , I will be renting a back up camera ..probably a 5D mark lll . Does anyone know how to go about getting
    insurance for my equipment as well as the rented equipment I take ?
    Thank you.
  2. david_henderson


    If you're even remotely professional, I expect you'll need specific camera insurance rather than a rider to any home insurance policy you might have. These insurances tend to be expensive and have t&c that will need you to look at very carefully before you can be sure its what you need. Some policies have geographic exclusions, exclusions for theft that doesn't involve force; theft from an unattended motor vehicle after the hours of darkness and so on. Added to which you will often get a heavy deductible/excess, and a tendency to include cover you might not need.
    The only consolation I'm going to offer is that I've photographed in Cuba several times, haven't had anything stolen and never seemed remotely under threat. Are you seeking insurance because you want it, or because you won't be able to rent without agreeing to buy it? If the latter it might be cheaper overall to buy a 5Dii as a backup and resell as soon as you get back.

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