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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by john kissane, May 15, 2005.

  1. I know there are many ways to critique photos on PN. But there are
    so many photos to browse the job seems gigantic. I guess the
    main "Rate Recent Photos" and "Critique Requests" are the main input
    points. Can you give me some workflow (for want of a better word)
    process hint, if there are any.

    In addition, I see by the below thread some conflict about names
    with ratings. I want to have my name attached to any critique I
    make. Regards
  2. Hi John, not that it helps your workflow necessarily but one thing I like to do is start with someone on my interesting people list. Critique a photo by that person and then go to a photo that person has commented on. Critique that photo and go to a photo that person has commented on etc. etc. You'll find yourself looking at all sorts of stuff you otherwise might not.
  3. John, I use a similar 'technique' to Jamie's. Also, every now and again I randomly select a member from the 'whos online' list and go from there. I rarely go the 'request for critique' pages these days. Not sure why, though as you'll think that is logically where one would start... M
  4. Here too as Jamie. But also by looking at the highest ratted photos by the photographers that I find in my way and happen to enjoy their style. Happy commenting.
  5. Thanks a lot guys, now I have a starting point. Regards

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