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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by sprouty, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. This is from an informal theme I’ve been working on for a while called “look up”. It basically stems from my tendency to be drawn to objects and scenes above the normal pedestrian (as in “on foot”, not ordinary or dull) viewpoint. I seem to be shooting more and more of this and I thought it might be worthwhile to get some feedback. So to that end: What I like: I like the leading lines, the texture of the clouds, and the simple subject matter. I make an attempt to keep the image to three elements of interest, which in this case would be the telephone pole, the sneakers, and the wires connecting them (OK there are four elements if you count the sky). What I don’t like: The exposure seems a bit under (though I recognized that when I shot it, and I’m just not sure it would be really any better if I’d opened up a stop). The bottom sneaker has a false attachment to a wire, and, well maybe that’s it. What I’d like to hear: Is this remotely interesting to anyone beside me? I really do enjoy this but I’m wondering if it comes of as contrived? Does it lack a “human” connection? OK what I really want to know is… Is it just boring? Technical stuff: Minolta HI-MATIC 7s, 45mm f1.8 fixed-lens rangefinder). Tri-X (1/250 @ f16).
  2. This is the Leica Forum.
  3. I like the image, it's vantage point, and composition. I would like it better had it been
    taken from about four steps further back to include a bit more of the utility pole...jf
  4. Stephen,

    To begin with, you never know whether or not some editor somewhere for whatever reason might jump for this photograph.

    My view is that the expose is right. You don't want a blank sky by any means.

    Is it interesting or boring? This depends on the viewer and for what purpose the photograph is used. My view is that this is a novelty photograph. Shoes hanging from telephone wires is unusual. But after you've looked at it for a short while the novelty wears off. After that there is really nothing to hold my interest. That said, however, it might be a photograph I would hang on my office wall to amuse people with.

    Come to think of it, you know what this photograph makes me think of? The "Miscellany" photograph that always came at the end of the old "Life" magazine. There was always some amusing photo like this at the end.

    An editor might crop this shot to fit a particular story or blow it up full page.

    Conclusion. This is not a masterpiece. The novelty, however, might make this a servicable photograph.
  5. I have to wonder where his balls went.
  6. James: I realize that to some it may seem a bit of a stretch posting an image from a Minolta on the Leica Forum but I was thinking that since the forum tends to encompass the rangefinder crowd, and since this is where I typically post, (and since my primary camera is an M6), that it would somehow be appropriate.

    Thanks Jerry and Alex for your thoughts. As to your specific points, I shot several images before being nearly run over in an attempt to improve the perspective. Just a bit lower on the pole is a streetlight and then it gets busy with wires and cables, etc. It just didn’t wok out.

    And Alex appreciate your comments as well, I was hoping it would be viewed as you interpreted it, I make no pretences as to it being great, or art, or anything more than "amusing" (for lack of a better word).
  7. Anyone care to speculate as to what circumstances led to the shoes being up there. You see this a lot.
  8. First off, I wish people would stick to the guidelines and keep the maximum dimension of their shots to 511 pixells or smaller - that way you can see the whole picture at once.

    Personally, I like the idea of this shot but I think it needs to be printed with a little more punch: the telegraph pole needs to be black so that it doesn't distract the eye. Perhaps a little less tone in the sky would help as well.
  9. Harvey, the image is 511 pix wide. Stop whining and get a bigger monitor. ;)
  10. Takkinda - feel free to honour the second part of your name and Peeze off....

  11. Such rudness... <br>BTW, the correct spelling is Peehz. Get it old dude? :D
  12. I meant "rudeness".
  13. <<Get it old dude?>> You meant dud.
  14. This is the Leica Forum.​

    Leica Forum Rules
    Photographs posted for critique or display are allowed provided that they can be classified as fitting within the "rangefinder" style. It is preferable that posted photography be made with a Leica, but this is not a hard rule.
  15. Thanks Bailey, I tried to find the "rules" but I never remember exactly where they're posted.

    Again, thank you to all who responded.

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