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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by Fiddlefye, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. Driving me crazy! This has been an issue on and off for the past year or so, but now has become full-time. The "Creativelive" banner (whatever that is for) at the top never really loads and flicks my screen up and down endlessly. I have to X out the loading to be able to read or post. Could there possibly be a fix for this?
  2. Mine doesn't load either - but luckily doesn't affect the entire screen; there's just a little flickering thingy in the upper right corner. Even though the banner shows an x (in front of "CreativeLive", clicking on it does nothing. I just realized that when I switch from the forum site to the portfolio site, the banner does load and the x is at the right place (upper right corner) and active. Clicking on it closes the banner - and it stays closed after switching back to the forum site.

    For a while, I was able to suppress all the ads on the page with an adblocker - sadly that no longer works.
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  3. On an ipad, I am able to close the AD by hitting the ‘x’ at just the right moment. Sorry I can’t be more precise.
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  4. I've tried that numerous times and it never accomplished anything. Drives me buggy!
  5. Glad to see it is not only me being bugged by that.
  6. I’ve been experimenting and have found you need to close the banner (hit the x) asap after loading photo.net (for me this is right after you close the Adblocker message). This removes the CreativeLive text but leaves the flickering white bars which I clear after refreshing the page by clicking on New Posts.

  7. Sandy Vongries

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    I don't see what you do - just the little widget in the upper right, which has no obvious effect on performance. If a couple of Tech savvy folks will start a conversation with me including details, I'll see what can be done.

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