Creative work using non-digital technique

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  1. Interesting techique.
  2. Thanks.
  3. The video explains that the development of Daguerrotypes requires mercury vapor, so it is no wonder that few people still make them.
  4. I like the tonality and contrast of daguerreotype, as it stands out among any other photo technology of the 19th century. However I do believe what the author achieved (I still think that’s very creative what was done) can be obtained with a modern digital camera, or a large format one with regular film. The slow speed of daguerreotype can be easily achieved with ND filters to enable light painting. With digital cameras, it’s even easier to do multiple exposure, as the previous image is overlaid on screen to guide you where to place your next subject to blend in with the previous exposure. It’s a very nice idea, to create all sorts of weird creatures out of human body parts (the last picture reminds of Edward Weston), but I wonder if it justifies using a technique like daguerreotype, involving scary things like mercury vapor etc.
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