Creating Borders in Adobe Photoshop 7

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by michael lyons, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I have followed the instructions in Help for creating borders and have not
    been able to achieve the effect--in others no visible border is created--I see
    all kinds of wonderful borders framing photos here on photo-net and would like
    to do the same---any advice--what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you Ml
  2. If you are using the Edit->Stroke command, you may be trying to create a border outside the available image area, which doesn't work.

    Try this...

    Select->All (there must be some selection for Stroke to work)


    Be sure "Inside" is selected, pick a color and a pixel width.

    If you go to Select->Modify->Border you can conveniently reduce the selection size in steps, which is helpful in building up fancy boarders.
  3. Bill--

    Thank you so much---I got it---it works, you're great----I was getting so frustrated---thank you ML
  4. Thank you, Michael for the question, and Bill for the answer! Now I get it, too! How do you add more lines in different colors? I am using PS7. Thanks again, Tammy
  5. Hello Tamara,

    If you want a border that went red, green, blue you could first make a blue border 9 pixels wide, then make a green border 6 pixels wide, then make a red border 3 pixels wide. Remember to start with the whole image selected, and select "Inside" in the Edit->Stroke dialog box, and click the black box to change colors. Recording a Photoshop Action is the easiest way to do this on a routine basis.

    If you REALLY want some fancy borders and mats, check out these frame-making Actions. Sharon's Mats at the bottom of the list is especially impressive.

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